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For Sale MIJ Boss CS-2 and Voodoo Labs vibe For Sale

MIJ Boss CS-2 compressor Voodoo Labs micro vibe

USD 80.00
Boss CS-3 made in Japan 70.00

This is the CS-3 that is used by Vince Gill, Dave Grissom and others.

Different from the later made in Korea and Taiwan. Different chip set, different feel and overall compression quality. If you're a collector, these are becoming harder to find.

Excellent, very clean condition. works 100% only works with newer power supplies, not the older Boss power supplies.

These typically go for around 100.00 or more (lowest I'm seeing are 74.00 plus 22.00 for shipping)

Voodoo Labs Micro Vibe 80.00

Excellent for that Hendrix/Robin Trower/David Gilmour thing.

It's in excellent condition. Used these go for 100.00 or more

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Arlington, TX
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