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For Sale Lovepedal Tchula Sold

Lovepedal Tchula

USD 145.00
The TCHULA was originally built for Josh Smith as a “one off” 2 stage, custom tuned, COT50 and quickly became a his #1 Dirt Box.

Highly sought after by professional guitarists and collectors worldwide it has been my mission to produce this unit from time to time in custom small batch builds.. This unit blows minds! It sounds and feels so natural you will swear there is an amp in this box!

Unit costs $225 new.


Excellent condition. Cash sale only. Price includes shipping.
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Lincoln Ne


    1. JeffBlue
      Hello, would you be interested in trading your Tchula pedal for a Lovepedal Les Lius?
      1. Fritz303
        No thanks, this is a cash sale only.

        Aug 10, 2016
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