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For Sale Lollar Alnico 3 Pickups For Sale

Neck/bridge set

USD 200.00
Offering a set of virtually-new Lollar Alnico 3's. Installed for a short time before switching over to the Vintage T set, which better suits my guitar/amp/style.

Neck pickup features nickel cover, bridge has flat poles.

Great pickups, glad to have tried them - I just keep coming back to the Vintage set.

$200 shipped
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Johnson City, TN


    1. chas53
      hello, How do these compare to the vintage t set. Thats what i have. Thanks
      1. meatandpotatas
        A little brighter overall, but hard to make a strong comparison, since I removed the bright cap after installing the Vintage Ts. I'm half tempted to reinstall the Alnico 3s just to see what they're like without the bright cap...
        Feb 22, 2019
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