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For Sale Fender Custom Shop Nocaster Blonde NOS Telecaster (2015) For Sale

NEW with all case candy, $2600/free shipping

USD 2,600.00
This Fender Custom Shop Nocaster is 100% brand new. I purchased it from a Fender licensed retailer, who had it built by the Custom Shop; I am the first and only owner and the serial number has not yet been registered by anyone. It is an amazing guitar but it was an impulse purchase and I need money for rent:) It comes with the original case (still with Styrofoam wrapping on the handle), ALL case candy including cable, ashtray bridge cover, Certificate of Authenticity, owners manual, tool kit, extra set of strings, and the Custom Shop invoice/Shop Floor Traveler which lists the full specs; it even has the original Fender shipping box. There are absolutely zero issues with it- no scratches or minor blemishes or pickguard wear...it is 100% mint and perfect condition. The only reason it isn't specifically a "51 Nocaster" is that it has the modern (and much more versatile) wiring which allows full use of the neck pickup with tone controls, and that it doesn't have vintage-sized frets, rather it has more playable Sanko 6105s. It also has a 7.25" radius that is very comfortable for chording near the nut, that flattens out slightly to a 9.5" radius higher up the fretboard, which makes bending much easier and prevents "fretting out"; this is referred to as a compound radius, highly recommended by the Custom Shop. It has the amazing, thick U-shape neck, '51 body shape, and gorgeous '51 Nocasters pickups. Weight is 7.0 pounds on the nose. Feel free to ask any questions you may have- happy to send more pics as well. Price is $2600 shipped.
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New York, NY
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