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SOLD Fender and Dimarzio tele set, 62 custom and twang king For Sale

62 custom bridge and twang king neck

USD 65.00
I have a Fender 62 custom bridge pickup and Dimarzio Twang King neck for sat as a set. Will not sell seperately, sorry. The total for both on ebay is $100 to $110 all day long. I'll sell the set for $65 shipped. They really are a great sounding tele set (research them both here to see) and all i used in both my teles for a long time, but the teles are gone and i'm all strats now and selling this set and keeping the other in case i get another tele one day.

Paypal in the CONUS only. PM me if interested.
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Los Angeles, Ca


    1. fender4life
    2. rolloman
      I think I will take those. PM Sent
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