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For Sale DiMarzio Strat Pickups -- DP117N + YJM DP217 Sale Pending. Sold

Loaded Pickguard with Yngwie Malmsteen pickups

USD 90.00
Here you go, shred monsters... For sale, one DiMarzio DP117N pickup, plus two Dimarzio YJM DP217 pickups, the YJMs are in the middle and bridge positions. As you can see in the pictures, the two leads usually used when tapping humbuckers are cut short, soldered and taped, so if you're going to do any fancy switching keep that in mind. The remaining pickup wires have been cut to length, but should be plenty long enough for any normal Strat application.

The loaded pickguard is a three ply white / black / white, it still has the protective plastic on it. Components are good quality, and the wiring and soldering is neat and tidy. The pickguard is bright white, and the knobs and covers are aged white. I also have bright white pickup covers if you'd prefer them, but only aged knobs, just let me know. Price for the loaded pickguard is $90.00 shipped in the US. Don't like white? Let me know what you're looking for, if I have it on hand I'll swap the parts onto the guard of your choice for the same $90.00. If you just want the pickups they're $75.00 shipped in the US. Payment by PayPal is preferred.

Not in the US? Let me know where you are, we can probably work something out. Be aware, though, that shipping cost, duties, and carrier headaches will be on you.

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    1. dsutton24
    2. refin
      I'll take the pickups....
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