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Asher Guitars WD Music Products Amplified Parts Mod Kits DIY Nordstarnd Pickups
Asher Guitars WD Music Products Amplified Parts Mod Kits DIY Nordstarnd Pickups
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For Sale Carr Mercury V 1X12 combo, black gator sides and slub (Like New) For Sale

Carr Amps, Fender,Marshall, Tungstin,Strat,Les Paul,Plexi,Blackface,Brownface

USD 2,300.00
No trades. Price is firm.

For sale like new Carr Mercury V in ungraded black gator and slub, my cost new $2680.00. The ultimate Marshall in a combo.

Selling for $2400 firm paypal shipped, or $2300 LA, CA pickup

Really needs to been in person to appreciate how beautiful and classic looking this amp is. It's also built like a tank!

This amp is basically new with original Carr shipping box, instructions, rarely used. I call it like new only because is has been played a few times.

This amp is amazing for bedroom, studio, and small to larger gigs. Fantastic drive and clean tones.

I love this amp, and have nothing but great things to say about it. Need to move it to pick up another piece of gear, but will buy another in the future for sure. Again, just an all around killer amp.

Sounds equally amazing with Les Pauls, Strats, and Telecasters.

Amazing reverb and built in attenuator.

•Built in Attenuator
•Full Feature eq Set

Powered by dual 6V6 Class A power section giving it a more British feel than before, and at 16 watts, more power as well. When the attenuator is engaged, you drop to 4 watts, where you can vary the output from 4 down to 0 watts.

There's also many vintage Marshall vintage things about the new Mercury. It has two volumes volumes, one high (treble) frequency volume, and one lower (darker) frequency volume. There's also a toggle switch that changes the structure of the input signal through the volumes. When it's up, they are running in parallel, so they're working in conjunction with each other going into the amp. If you have a darker guitar you can add more highs here, and vice versa if you have a bright guitar. When the toggle switch is in the down position, the two volumes are running in series where one drives the other to increase the gain. Very nice!

There's also a 3 position boost switch that effects the overall gain of the amp.
•Position 1: -12 db
•Position 2: -6 db
•Position 3: Full Blast


All handwired, true point to point construction
16 Watts (full output) 4 watts down to Zero w/ built in attenuator
Power Tubes: 2x6V6, Preamp Tubes: 4x12AX7
Built-in switchable attenuator 16/4 to 0 watts
Dual Volume controls - Classic Parallel or Modded Series
3 Position Boost switch - British 60s thru 90s tube overdrive
Analysis Plus and Transparent cable
3 Band Tone Stack - Treble, Mid, Bass
Recording/PA Line Out
Celestion Creamback M-65 12" speaker
Custom Carr Transformers
All North Carolina sold yellow pine cabinet w/ dovetailed joints
Tube driven Spring Reverb

Dims & Weight: 21" W by 17" H by 10" D, 41 lbs

Cool video demo:

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Los Angeles