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For Sale Barncaster body, free shipping Sold

100 year old pine, literally from a barn

USD 50.00
This is one I used for an experiment with UV curing lights. It is an unusual body with multiple offset boards and one flaw that will be hidden with a pickguard.

We start with wood from a barn that is almost 100 years old, exterior boards so dark. Raw body was purchased via auction for testing this new finish process. I am adding the input jack, the bridge and the control plate, loaded. All Chinese but decent quality. You need to add your own ferrules, 5/16th inch.

The body was aged down with UV lights to bring out the golden color, then it was thin coated with a UV cure polyester finish. This makes it cure in just a few minutes (I design the lights for a living). It was then buffed to a dull finish. If you want to see more detailed photos, see the page on it here:


I do a lot of these bodies, a few I keep but most I have to sell off as I don't need 100 Tele bodies. I'm listing it for $50, shipping to most of the US, which is less than I have in it. Slightly higher for AK, HI, sent US Mail.

Keep in mind, this is a barncaster body, so nothing is "perfect", although I've assembled bodies by this same guy before and they play fine with very little adjustment. PLEASE go to that page and inspect carefully, to see the neck hole flaw, and the beauty of the guitar. It has a couple of 16 penny nail holes, for example, adding to the authenticity. Again, it is a barncaster, but one with a thin but very durable UV cure poly finish that is normally used on surfboards.

The last pine body by the same guy sounded flawless with this pine, I put a 62 Fender bridge pickup in it, mid priced. This is cut for two singles. $5 worth of ferrules, a few screws, a pair of spare pickups and you are just a neck away from something fun and rugged.

I prefer Paypal for payment.
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Greensboro, NC


    1. ndcaster
      1. Dennis Brown
        Dennis Brown
        Mar 9, 2016
      2. Dennis Brown
        Dennis Brown
        Funny, I just bought that same neck for a project I'm working on, 2nd I've bought from them. Awesome necks, good leveling, great price.
        Mar 9, 2016
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