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For Sale Allen Accomplice Jr 1x12 combo now $899 shipped/ppd For Sale

Deluxe reverb style combo but better

USD 899.00
Wonderful deluxe reverb style amp...but better. No tremolo, but has great sounding reverb (jr does not have the reverb tone control that the standard Accomplice does). Has a new Eminence Alessandro GASC64 12 inch speaker. It also has the RAW control on the back. Makes the amp go from Blackface to Tweed and all points in between. Also has a master volume which makes this useable anywhere any time.

This is a kit that was built by an amp tech. Works perfectly. Loaded with 6L6 tubes for 35w but can run 6V6s for 22w with a rebias (there is a bias knob on the chassis). More info here:


Price for one of these built by Allen is almost $1800. Price on this one is $899 shipped and paypaled. Not looking for trades at this time.

Allen https://imgur.com/gallery/bZ6wy5s
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