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For Sale '69 Jensen EM-1220 - Excellent For Sale

’69 Vintage Jensen EM-1220 Speaker: 8 Ohm /100W - Excellent

USD 175.00
’69 Vintage Jensen EM-1220 Speaker: 8 Ohm /100W - Excellent

A vintage 1969 “Concert” ceramic magnet series - Lot # 220923. One owner. It was bought new & installed in a Bandmaster cabinet so I could play bass as well as guitar through it (and another, already sold). Used sparingly, it remains in excellent shape - no flaws in original cone or coil. Play tested and “sweep” tested recently, and it sounds great as always. Cone & surround not brittle or mildewed. Great choice for a vintage Bandmaster, Bassman, or custom 2x12 cabinet. Will ship to lower 48. Available at Reverb.com link:


Thank you for looking. SoundandSong.
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South Bend, IN
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