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For Sale 3 Telecasters for sale - (2 USA, 1 MIJ) All beautiful and toneful For Sale

Thinning the herd

USD 1.00
I've been playing off and on since I was around 12 years old. I started collecting what I loved (Fender Telecasters) when I started making some money in my later years. As much as I hate to do it, it seems I need the money more than the guitars right now, hence the sale.

For you viewing and playing pleasure I have the following to offer;

1) 2014 Fender USA 1972 Vintage Re-Issue Telecaster Thinline. SOLD

2) 1996 Fender USA Telecaster Plus. $1050 SOLD

3) 2012 Fender Japan (MIJ) 62 Custom Reissue. It looks darker to my eye then Lake Placid Blue, I'm thinking Imperial or Metallic. With hardshell case in mint condition. It's flipping gorgeous. $790obo

I just found the original ad when I purchased this guitar in 2015

"Immaculate condition. Beautiful guitar! Spotless condition. Most of life in case. Rarely played since new & never left the confines of my bedroom. Comes with case. Pickups upgraded to Twisted Tele's. Transparent blue"
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Villanova Pennsylvania


    1. Jimmy Hendricks
      Is the neck radius on the MIJ 7.25? Thanks

      Just watched the video and got my answer. Thanks
    2. scrimmer
      Oh man! Wish I wasn't so short of cash at the moment, love that blue one also!
      I believe that is what they call Trans Blue, at least on my monitor that's what it looks like.
      If some cash falls from the sky in the next few moments I'm there! :)
      Good luck with the sale.
    3. theprofessor
      Gorgeous guitars! I wish I could buy that MIJ blue one! Here's a YouTube video I found that demos that one. It says it's Lake Placid Blue, but I agree it looks a little darker.

      1. blassoff
        The more I think about it, I think It's Trans Blue. Really sweet guitar. Thanks.
        Apr 19, 2019
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