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    Fender’s New Teles from NAMM ’15

    SandblastWham, bam, thank you NAMM. Fender is introducing a bevy of Teles at 2015 NAMM, and there's something here that should appeal to just about anyone.  And as well all know, there's no bigger turn-on than new guitar smell! The Limited Edition American Standard Telecaster HH is...

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    You’ve Never Seen a T-Style Like This

    sf5Perfection has an ugly side, as Phil Sylvester can attest. Dreaming of becoming a “big-time serious jazzer,” he enrolled at Berklee College of Music, but it wasn’t a smooth ride. “I learned so much about theory and technique that my standards were beyond my ears...

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    Fender’s New American Standards

    Fender American Standard SeriesThere will always be a certain allure to pre-CBS Fenders, but post-CBS models have their own cachet, as well. When Fender employees took over the company in late 1984, they started working on a new series of guitars. Released in 1986, these "American Standards" became...

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    Tom Petty’s Custom Shop Kingman

    Tom Petty EditTom Petty's career is going on 40-years strong, and over that time, he's written many classic songs. He's also played many classic guitars. In the '90s, Rickenbacker honored Tom with a signature 12-string. Currently, you can buy a Tom Petty signature Gibson Dove. Now, Fender...

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    Buy One of Waylon’s Teles

    Waylon PhotoWaylon Jennings has been gone for 12 years, but his presence is still felt today, and not just in the world of country music. Waylon fought for the right to record his songs his way. That’s what every artist wants, no matter the genre. He hated...

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    New Teles from Fender for Fall

    Fender Classic Player '60s Baja TelecasterYou can never say Fender just rests on their laurels. They're always coming out with new models. And Fall 2014 is no exception. But the question is... will their new creations be well received or not. Only time will tell. So, here are a couple...

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    Beats Electronics President Joining Fender Board

    Luke_WoodFender has announced that Luke Wood, president of Beats Electronics, will join its board of directors.  Wood was the 11th employee hired by Beats, a company best known for headphones that have almost become a fashion statement, though Wood says the company is "maniacal" about...

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    Fender to Sell More Products Online

    DSC_8561A few months ago, Fender announced plans to sell customized guitars direct to the consumer through its website, calling it the "Fender Design Experience." Now, word is out that Fender will be selling ALL of its branded products through the website. That was the message Fender...

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