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The Edge and Bono join Fender Board

bono-sings-as-the-edge-plays-his-fender-guitar-1Fender Music Corp announced that U2′s the Edge and Bono have joined the company’s board of directors. “By adding The Edge and Bono to the board of Fender, we are taking an important step toward building a company that is able to meet its potential as a business and a brand,” said Bill McGlashan, Fender co-chairman.

Bono added, “Wherever you go in the world Fender is a standard bearer, not just for excellence in technology and craft, but for the influence of American culture. This made-in-USA company has at its heart innovation…the iconoclasm of Jimi Hendrix, the subtle sweet murmurings of Bill Frisell, as well as the most roadworthy loudspeaker on earth. When a festival-goer wears a Fender t-shirt, they are saying a lot about themselves. They love music; they’re independent-spirited, they’re proud of this truly American company, a nexus of technology and culture which, in the end, can’t be copied no matter how hard the giants try. I’m excited to be part of developing newer technologies with Fender, as well as helping protect the jobs and commitment to excellence of their age-old craft.

Photo by Kevin Mazur

Photo by Kevin Mazur

It’s not the first time U2 has interacted with Fender. In 2002, U2 bassist Adam Clayton collaborated with the company to build a Custom Shop Limited Edition Signature Precision Bass guitar.

In an interview with the New York Times, the Edge said he will still use equipment made by other companies, “but I’m most interested in working with the Fender design team on some new ideas.”

Edge has been seen playing a bevy of Teles in concert, including a ’66 blonde, a ’66 Pelham Blue, a ’69 blonde, a ’69 blue, a ’74 black, a ’75 blonde, a ’75 Custom walnut, a ’94 50th Anniversary Custom in Alpine White, an American Vintage ’52 reissue in Tobacco Burst, and this beauty from the Custom Shop.


Here he is talking Telecaster:

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15 Responses to “The Edge and Bono join Fender Board”
  1. GigsbyBoyUK GigsbyBoyUK says:

    “When a festival-goer wears a Fender t-shirt, they are saying …they love music; they’re independent-spirited, they’re proud of this truly American company, a nexus of technology and culture which, in the end, can’t be copied.”

    Wrong in so many ways, Fender.

    Anyway, looking forward to instruments that the Edge has a hand in designing.

  2. davidge1 says:

    How do these two bozos manage to weasel themselves into everything? You watch a movie about Muscle Shoals studios, and there’s “Bono”, pompously shooting his mouth off about something he never had anything to do with. Does he really have some great knowledge about the subject? No.

    Then you turn on a movie awards program… there they are. What do they have to do with the movie industry? Nothing, that’s what.

    I just want to know why anyone would care more about what these two self-important bores have to say than they care about any other washed-up act from the 1980s. Why don’t they put Duran Duran or Flock of Seagulls on the Fender Board of Directors? I don’t really like those bands either, but at least they don’t seem as obnoxious.

    • Mr Joad Mr Joad says:

      Interesting how much hate these people get. They sure know how to run a business and that’s why they are in the board of directors. What do you know what they know about? How many shows do you have on Broadway or how many movie soundtracks have you made? Who would you like to see on the board of directors?

      • mke52 says:

        I don’t think it’s a quetsion of hate; I would see it more as a question of competence. One thing is an artist as endorser: he uses the product for all to see and the producer hopes for emulation; another thing is a board member who approves balance sheets, investments and any other company business.A board member has specific responsibilities when signing off financial documents and I very much doubt that either Bono or the Edge have any comapny finance skills. Honnestly I would have put some anonimous person who has extensive experience in companies and maybe found some famous name for other roles.

      • davidge1 says:

        Do you really think they’re going to play any significant role in running Fender? It’s all just PR… for them and for Fender. One guy’s a singer, the other didn’t even play Fender guitars. I don’t hate them, I just find them annoying.

      • bacongrease says:

        Right. You don’t get the highest grossing tour of all time by being incompetent.

    • bacongrease says:

      $772 million revenue on their elevation tour isn’t exactly washed up is it.

    • PCollen says:

      I’d rather see Joe Walsh on the Fender BoD. Or JEFF BECK, someone who’s tie to Fender actually bears some credibility.

  3. k tone says:

    “I very much doubt that either Bono or the Edge have any comapny finance skills.”

    I think that they are both very business savvy and have built U2 up to be the biggest rock and roll corporation in the world. Moving their operations offshore to avoid paying taxes in Ireland is all part of some of the shrewd business moves these two CEO’s have come up with to save $$$$$.

    • mke52 says:

      k tone, I would see those actions as strategic and not financial, moving a company offshore does not require particular skills, any personal banker can help you do it. A board member does not define the company strategy but approves the financial statement…

    • Harlan says:

      In what sense of the word did they ‘come up with’ the tax avoidance schemes which are widely used and sold to them by their accountants and advisors?

  4. Roll up your pant legs? I think not… Hip waders are more in order here… or maybe a nuke suit…

  5. PCollen says:

    In the future, will the pre-Bono era Fenders bring a higher price than the Bono era Fenders ? Will we see Bono and The Edge signing the neck heel of Custom Shop models.

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