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Fender’s new Reclaimed Pine Tele

description-1The northeastern part of the United States used to be blanketed by forests filled with eastern white pine.  Due to its straight trunk and height (growing up to 150 feet), this tree was prized by loggers. By the late 1800s, most of the forests, some filled with trees 450 years old, were gone. In fact, only 1% remain. So if you want to build a guitar out of old growth eastern pine, you’ll have to find some unusual sources.

That’s exactly what Fender has done with their new Reclaimed Eastern Pine Telecaster. This special edition series is made with wood from a dairy barn built in 1868 in Lake Odessa, Michigan (population: 2,017).  The knots, gashes, dings and other anomalies in the wood are left intact and unconcealed, covered with a dark satin lacquer stain. The rosewood neck features a hand-rubbed oil finish, and has a “modern C” profile.




Other features:

  • Texas Special single-coil (neck) and Fender Custom Shop single-coil Broadcaster (bridge) pickups
  • Four-way switching
  •  “Unbuffed” single-ply black pickguard
  • Laser-etched headstock logo
  • Vintage clay dot fret markers
  • Hardware treated to look worn

MSRP is $2599.99. Street price: $1899.99

For more, head to Fender.


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4 Responses to “Fender’s new Reclaimed Pine Tele”
  1. that dark stain and the rw neck is such a good looking combination. Hopefully this will start a trend towards darker stains, which I love. Also, I really like the direction Fender has been taking – cutting Guild is questionable, but maybe cutting back is the right thing. Recent new designs – this tele, the very popular la cab- seem attractive yet new. and while there’s a lot of gripe about fender these days, I think some of their new designs are pretty cool.

  2. tonecrush tonecrush says:

    The story about reclaimed pine, stain only, and the rosewood neck combo get me interested. I bet it rings pretty sweet. I think the price is fair considering current pricing. I wish I wasn’t on a CVC budget. I agree with upstart, Guild debacle aside, Fender is offering some tasty new versions of serviceable musical devices.

  3. Like to see this with a lighter finish but still
    very pretty.

  4. Hi guys, I have a tele partscaster, I build this out Honduran Mahogany and finished clear with slight dark staining its pretty but when I sent to Warmoth for cutting out pickup routing, it measured (dimensions) slightly smaller than a standard tele size, they called it baby tele.a nice different sounding tele from two strat pickups. Any one out there with Tele projects? I have also a Fender Texas Telecaster 2007 and Fender American Standard 1997

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