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Gibson’s new Memory Cable

MC-Article_01How many great riffs, chord progressions and solos do you lose a week? It’s not a problem if you’re constantly recording, but for me, that means breaking out the microphones, firing up Garageband and…actually that’s it.  But that process can still be a royal pain. The folks at Gibson feel they’ve come up with a new solution—Memory Cable.

Memory Cable has a built-in digital recorder, designed by Tascam. It records up to 13 hours of audio onto an included 4GB Micro SD card. The audio is uncompressed, CD-quality—44.1 kHz/16 bit fidelity. Files are saved in WAV format, compatible with Mac/Windows/iOS, and Android.

You can set Memory Cable to record continuously, or only when you are playing. If you play something you like, you can tag it afterwards to put it into a separate file.


The 16 foot cable also works with bass, drum machines, syths, etc., and line-level signals. Plug it in to a PA mixer output to record rehearsals. You can also use it for “re-amping.”

It’s powered by one AA battery, good for approximately 8 hours of recording.  Fortunately, the cable will still work if the battery is dead.

MSRP: $99.

For more information, go to Gibson:

So what do you think? Does it fulfill a need?

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10 Responses to “Gibson’s new Memory Cable”
  1. I think it’s a great idea. I want one.

  2. unixfish unixfish says:

    Great idea – but expensive for a cable. Wouldn’t a recording device work better as a stomp box? Maybe there already is one?

    A 2.5 inch hard drive in a stomp box as a recording pass through with an on / off switch would work well, and be able to store a boatload of recording – days, if not weeks worth.

    Although, the convenience of this is hard to deny.

    • joeford joeford says:

      i love the idea of a recording device built into a pedal… like a looper i guess? if they can fit 8 hours worth of recording into a cable… i’m sure they could do some pretty serious memory in a pedal. the option to have a power supply for it would be a lot more convenient too…

  3. dalandan dalandan says:

    it’s priced that way because of the convenience. very smart, innovative. at least they’re not just doing another reissue or selling snake oil

  4. You still have to plug it in….. Bells and whistles are nice but a recording cord?


  5. drmcclainphd drmcclainphd says:

    You really want your riff grabber to be built into the second most disposable part of your gear (after strings)? You break a wire by bending the cable too much at the plug and you’re doing surgery on it so you can get your recording capability back. Plus, it records only what it’s plugged into. For the same money you can get the far more capable TASCAM DR-05. Stereo, line in/out, lots more stuff. One of the most important, stereo mikes. Say you’ve got your recording cord chugging along while you’re shredding but suddenly the bass player rips off an awesome riff. Where’d it go? With mikes you can recording everyone at once as well as yourself. The recording quality is very presentable in production — up to 96k/24 bit WAV. The optional external mike makes it more so. The TM-ST1 “stereo” (actually, coaxial) condenser mike plug into the DR-05 and gives you a cardioid center mike plus an adjustable (90 or 120 degree) surround mike for catching ambiance in live sound. For less than twice the price of a recording cord and can have a device that does everything from that same level up through a portable live sound studio. The external mike can also be used in the same way going into the mixer/PA for piping the ambiance of being on stage out to the audience; catching multiple acoustic instruments together, or as a mike for a main vocal signal plus off-center harmonizers. If you have a problem the cable solves, you probably also have some it doesn’t, or will have them. And when it’s not doing band duty, the handheld can be filled up with MP3s and play for 17 hours through headphones, dock or speakers on 2 AA batteries. Sorry, I just can’t see limiting myself with a less capable, more fragile recording device.

  6. nicholaspaul nicholaspaul says:

    Is this solving a problem that doesn’t exist? If you regularly have to record some kind of brilliance you just came up with, perhaps. But for the price, why wouldn’t you just grab your smartphone and hit RECORD on a free app? You’re probably going to rerecord it anyhow.

  7. kramergwt kramergwt says:

    Would probably just use this the way I use my loop pedal, which means I wouldn’t buy one, cuz I have one. Plus, you can operate the pedal with your foot.

  8. dragonfly66 dragonfly66 says:

    This is a great innovation! I currently use a BR-80 to record with. The BR-80 has no out to the amp on headphone out, so being able to record while connect to your board or amp is great. The problem is you aren’t recording your pedal board or what is coming out of your amp and therefore might not have a good context when listen back to what you recorded. It says you can plug the cable into the output of your PA to record band rehearsals, this is only helpful if everyone is going through the board, which is not the case in my band.

    I think it is a great idea, but I’m not sure it would replace my BR-80, which has a lot more features. At $99 MSRP it will likely be $75 cable. Not sure I would pay $75 for the one trick it likely does well.

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