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Fishman’s First Electric Pickup: The Fluence

2621_mediumSince 1981, the go-to name for amplifying an acoustic has been Fishman. So why is it that after 33 years in business, Fishman is only now going electric? Founder Larry Fishman says there was a good reason for the delay—there were “plenty” of great electric pickups already around. But we all know that pickups aren’t consistent, hand-wound or otherwise. Fishman wants to change that with their new Fluence pickup.

Standard electric guitar pickups consist of a bar magnet, with up to  7000 turns of copper wire coiled around it. In the Fluence, the copper isn’t wound—it’s “printed”  then stacked in 48 layers. As a result, Fishman says “every Fluence pickup sounds the same.”


Fluence pickups are also multi-voice—you can wire them up with a push-pull pot or a toggle to get different sounds.

  • Voice 1 – Vintage Single-Coil: Vintage tone, clear and present with a sweet warmth.
  • Voice 2 – Hot Texas Single-Coil: Muscular, beefy, “overwound” tone

To remove noise and hum, the signal is sent through a powered preamp, but don’t freak out—Fishman’s rechargeable power pack fits right into the control cavity. It offers around 200 hours of play time (with a warning light when you are down to six.) Total charging time is 2 1/2 hours through a mini USB jack.  The Fluence can also be powered by a standard 9-volt battery.

Fluence will be available in single widths, as well as classic and modern humbucker configurations.



Pricing is TDB. Pickups will be available in the second quarter of ’14.


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2 Responses to “Fishman’s First Electric Pickup: The Fluence”
  1. Telenator Telenator says:

    Very nice! Nails that vintage Strat tone!
    Would have liked to have heard more from the neck pickup on the Les Paul with a little overdrive on it. The humbuckers sounded terrific just the same.

  2. Man, Greg brings out the best of any guitar he pays I wish I knew as much as he has forgotten..

    Those pickups sound real sweet…very nice indeed.

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