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Limited Edition: Telecaster Thinline Super Deluxe

Without a lot of fanfare, or warning for that matter, Fender has released the Limited Edition Telecaster Super Deluxe. Mind you, that’s not just “Deluxe” that’s “Super Deluxe.” But seriously, these are some very eye catching Thinlines they’ve released. Available in Black and Olympic White, this unusual Tele’s appointments include a semi-hollow basswood body with double binding and a single f hole, matching painted headstock, 7.25″-radius bound rosewood fingerboard with pearloid block inlays, and a scorching pair of Fideli’Tron™ humbucking pickups.

Other premium features include a modern C-shaped maple neck with bone nut, 21 wide vintage-style frets, three-way blade switching with “top hat” switch tip, single-ply pickguard (gold on Olympic White model; silver on Black model), gold (Olympic White model) and chrome (Black model) hardware, vintage-style Stratocaster® hard-tail bridge, three-bolt “F”-stamped neck plate with Mictro-Tilt™ adjustment.

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24 Responses to “Limited Edition: Telecaster Thinline Super Deluxe”
  1. Boondocks Boondocks says:

    I love thinlines, especially the ’69 American Reissue in OLW. Even though these two look cool, well…don’t really know on which leg to stand. Like the p’ups – don’t like the pickguard, like the binding – not the blocks, like the hardtail – not the goldishness. I like the 7.25″ board – but not wide frets.
    I really wanted to feel the GAS syndrome, but it didn’t turn up.
    That being said, well… I’ve changed my mind before. ‘Til then I’ll pass

  2. Schmikey Schmikey says:

    Sorry Fender, but no GAS for this.

  3. marsh99 marsh99 says:

    Are these not a model that has been available from Fender Japan for a while now?

  4. Silverface Silverface says:

    Hmmm- a spilled-milkshake pickguard, somehow (to me) out of place looking hardtail bridge…and an “upgraded” 3-bolt neck with micro-twist….errr, “tilt” adjustment.

    Did somebody lose a bet?

  5. rickpascual rickpascual says:

    I’d have either one in a second! I’m sure I can’t afford them, so I’m safe for now!

  6. Me want. Me want bad. How much???? Arrgghh!!

  7. Lefty Addams Lefty Addams says:

    Absolutely fantastic! You right handers are spoilt for choice, don’t know how lucky you are. I would kill for one of these left handed. Beautiful! Beautiful! Beautiful! Ultimate GAS from me.

    So are these the same japanese Fenders that have been available for ages, or are these built somewhere else?

  8. dazzypig says:

    I’ll take one in white. Very nice.

  9. Zeonoid says:

    wouldnt be so happy about specs… very less tele for very much money

  10. carlgt1 says:

    It seems pretty awesome, and the price seems reasonable ($1200 on the Internet). I’m not a big fan of the 7.25″ “old-style” radius, but I may pick one up.

  11. TexGoneNW TexGoneNW says:

    Dang, I wish they wouldn’t have done the micro-tilt, but I like the look. I do.

  12. If only it was available in Surf Green …

  13. SpaceAge SpaceAge says:

    They should have just stamped GRETCH on the headstock and been done with it !


  14. says:

    You know, the more I play and read the more I think the guitar is almost fourth place sonically, after the pedals, the pre- and power-amp/Eleven Rack, PODHD500, Axe-FX and such, and first, the getting-to-your-ears stage, whether recording and mixing using headphones, speakers, etc. If it sounds like one thing with no pedals and an amp (plus), there are endless analog and digital effects as simple as EQ controls that will sure make it sound like hundreds of other things, so uhm, don’t fret! (ha)

    This model looks interesting, even handsome, but I ain’t interested if it weighs above six pounds. The toaster pickups made me wonder if there are any good prices on eBay for Vox Virage guitars. The pickups in my Anderson Hollow T are definitely odd in the Tele world, ranging from noiseless single coil via Anderson’s design magic to pretty much a humbucker. I wonder about the size of these Thinline Super Deluxe’s humbuckers and wiring routes, but I’ll bet most readers could drop in some Lollar Imperials and forget all their complaints, other than it really isn’t a Telecaster!

  15. ashplank says:

    real telecasters are made of SOLID wood , and DO NOT have FFFFFFFFFF holes . …just my opinion .

  16. cMb01112 says:

    Wow, I saw the black one and was instantly hooked. They sound really good too in my opinion.

  17. rebelwoclue rebelwoclue says:

    Yeah, I like that trashy-woman look! I’m on board.

  18. bigbean bigbean says:

    Needs a real TV Jones in the neck position and Barden at the bridge. Then it’d be a super-duper-deluxo-ultima-hubba-bubba-1500a with extra sauce and a side of rice

  19. Fender Japan have been making these for a while!! those are with mahogany bodies and Gretsch Filtertron pups!!! these latest ones come with a basswood body & Fender Fidelitrons..

  20. Old Bill says:

    Go get the bag, I’m gonna chuck.

  21. Quacky Quacky says:

    Bass is for fishing not for wood in my Telecaster! And wasn’t Fidel a leader in Cuba? Rip -off- atron would be a better name for those pickups. just sayin :)

  22. XJonahx says:

    Looks like Fender Cabronita and a Gretsch 6120 had a baby. Really dug the snakehead tele style pickguard on the Cabronitas

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