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Who’s your favorite Foo Fighter?

Foo Fighters lead guitarist, Chris Shiflett and bass player Nate Mendel now have Fender Artist Signature models with the introduction of the new Chris Shiflett Signature Telecaster® Deluxe and the Nate Mendel P Bass®.

Shiflett’s abiding love for Telecasters and for humbucking sound now comes together in one new instrument with his name on it–the Chris Shiflett Signature Telecaster Deluxe. The affordable was modeled closely on Shiflettt’s favorite ’72 Tele Deluxe, it features an Arctic White finish, a four-ply white pearl pickguard, a pair of new custom-designed high-output humbucking pickups, a 12″-radius rosewood fingerboard for easy bends with low action, custom-stenciled hard-shell case, and Shiflett’s signature on the headstock.

Fender is as good as it gets for a guitar player,” said Shiflett. “So to have one with my name is a pretty special feeling. The setup is perfect for me, and to be able to take the time to look at the guitar from a few different angles really pays dividends.

The Nate Mendel P Bass offers special body contours, extra-slim neck and nut width, a lightly worn Candy Apple Red finish with a black pickguard, a Seymour Duncan® Quarter Pound™ split single-coil pickup, Badass II bridge and Mendel’s signature on the headstock. It also comes with a spare neck plate engraved with a special hybrid Foo Fighters/Fender logo and a deluxe gig bag.

MSRP on the Chris Shiflett Signature Telecaster® Deluxe is $899.99. So, the street pricing should be in the $630 range.

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8 Responses to “Who’s your favorite Foo Fighter?”
  1. K Scott K Scott says:

    A 12″ radius tele for under a grand? I’ll probably get this.

    • Funkybot says:

      The standard ’72 Tele Deluxe RI has a 12″ radius on a maple board and is under a grand. Gotta say, I hate mine. Me and that neck just don’t get on (I have small hands and mostly play chords anyway – bad combo for a 12″ radius and wider neck).

      • K Scott K Scott says:

        Thanks for the info. I have small hands too, but I love my Les Paul with the 12″ radius, so I assumed I’d like it on a tele. Specs aside, that thing looks great too.

  2. blamcaster says:


    the warmoth tele that shifflet plays is a maple board with a black pearl guard… will probably buy it anyways as I’ve been wanting one for a while

  3. coffeefox says:

    the squier J5 also has a 12″ radius. plays sweetly and smoothly. however even with an .11 for the e-string it still keeps sliding off the edge of the neck [in more dramatic moments].

  4. lothar34 says:

    I love the layout of the controls. The ‘normal’ tele style switch gets in my way when I’m going crazy on the neck pickup and always bets bumped over to the bridge pup

  5. vadecamo says:

    Hello, from Colombia. I want to get this guitar but i have heard the vintage strat bridge is too wide and the strings go out of the neck; is it true? i would like this neck for fingerpicking but if the strings go out, so i prefer other tele. I´d appreciate so much if you give your opinion.

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