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2015 fundraiser giveaway

Fender Reissues the Reissues

Since the mid-1980’s the Fender Vintage Reissue series Telecasters have been one of the mainstays of the product line. Periodically, Fender has reformulated the Vintage Reissues for greater accuracy and more period correct specs. Each time this is has been both good and sometimes controversal. See, Leo Fender was always changing his guitars right on the production line. If he found what he thought was a better way to do things, he would make the running change regardless of the point they were in in that model year. Not only that, but feedback from players, dealers and salesmen would spur various changes to make the guitar sell better, look better, play better and last longer. And, these too were incorporated as running changes.

What this means is that the true “vintage Telecaster” is not just one thing. It’s a wide range of ever changing specs. To this end, Fender has revamped the entire American Vintage Reissue line — and not just Telecasters, but Stratocasters, jaguars and Jazzmasters, too. I probably should note that Fender quit calling this series the “Reissue” series a while back. They are now called the American Vintage Series guitars even though many of us still call them the Reissues.

Since the TDPRI is a Telecaster website, we’ll cover the Teles and you can check out our other sites for more detailed info about the other models. The big news here is now there are a number of new American Vintage Telecasters to choose from: the American Vintage ’52 Telecaster, the American Vintage ’58 Telecaster and the the American Vintage ’64 Telecaster.

The lovely Pauline France of Fender’s PR department says this about the new models, “All the new American Vintage Series guitars feature thick and slim necks with profiles and edges carefully re-sculpted to reflect even greater period-correct authenticity, with both maple and rosewood fingerboards, vintage-style frets and bone nuts; all-new vintage-style pickups wound to period-correct specs and sound to accurately reflect specific model years, and even specific periods within specific model years; retooled pickguards, parts and hardware designed to accurately reflect specific model years (and again, even specific periods within specific model years), and standard and custom-color finishes re-formulated for even greater period-correct authenticity.

Here are some more of the details of each model:







American Vintage ’52 Telecaster (and left-handed model)

  • Ash body with slightly lighter Butterscotch Blonde finish and singe-ply black pickguard.
  • Large maple neck with re-sculpted U-shaped profile and comfortably rolled edges.
  • All-new pickups wound to period-correct specs and sound.
  • “Barrel” switch tip and knurled chrome domed control knobs.
  • Vintage-style bridge with three brass saddles.

MSRP $2,499.99 – $1,999.99 “Street” Price (MAP)







American Vintage ’58 Telecaster®

  • Lightweight ash body with single-ply white pickguard.
  • Early-1958 large maple neck with comfortable “D”-shaped profile.
  • All-new pickups wound to period-correct specs and sound, with early-1958 staggered bridge pickup pole magnets.
  • Solid steel “barrel” bridge saddles.
  • “Top-hat” switch tip and flat-top knurled aluminum chrome control knobs.

MSRP $2,499.99 – $1,999.99 “Street” Price (MAP)







American Vintage ’64 Telecaster (and left-handed model)

  • Lightweight alder body (ash on White Blonde model) with three-ply white pickguard with eight holes.
  • Slimmer, more rounded maple neck with “C”-shaped profile and round-laminated rosewood fingerboard with larger pearl dot inlays.
  • All-new pickups wound to period-correct specs and sound, with staggered bridge pickup pole magnets.
  • Threaded steel “barrel” bridge saddles.
  • “Top-hat” switch tip and flat-top knurled chrome control knobs.

MSRP $2,499.99 – $1,999.99 “Street” Price (MAP)

Watch for these to be available soon at dealers everywhere. And look for the “old” model American Vintage Series guitars to be reduced in price right now as well. Left-handed players will no doubt notice the inclusion of lefty models for the ’52 and ’64 Vintage guitars… but not the ’58 Vintage guitar in the series.




TDPRI Fundraiser / Giveaway Dates Announced

The 2012 edition of the TDPRI Fundraiser / Giveaway is scheduled to begin on October 15th and end a month later on November 18th. If you are new to the TDPRI or were sleeping under a rock for the past 12 years, here is how the fundraiser works. Guitar companies, makers, builders and retailers donate a guitar to the TDPRI and we give the guitars to you. Sounds pretty simple doesn’t it?

In 2011 we gave away 7 great Telecasters and T-Style guitars to seven very lucky TDPRI members. We’ve been doing this kind of thing since 2000 and over the years have given away over $80,000 worth of guitars and gear to hundreds of winners.

Full details of the prizes and ways to enter will be announced as we get closer to the event. But you’ll want to mark your calendars for the 2012 dates and get ready to WIN!

IMPORTANT:Treat everyone here with respect, no matter how difficult! No sex, drug, political, religion or hate discussion permitted here.