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Fender Releases MIM Cabronita Telecaster

Fender recently released an American-made version of the Fender Custom Shop Cabronita Tele, but at around $1400-1500 the guitar was still out of reach for some fans. Well, that changes with the release of the Made in Mexico (MIM) FSR version of the Cabronita Telecaster. Available now for half the price of the Amercian made version the new Cab is sure to be a popular model.

The MIM Cabronita Telecaster offers a distinctive take on a classic design and provides strong Tele tone from two new Fideli’Tron™ humbucking pickups. Other premium features include an alder body (ash on White Blonde model), modern C-shaped maple neck with a 9.5” radius and 21 medium jumbo frets, single-ply pickguard and single control knob (volume), and a string-through-body hardtail bridge with six cast saddles. The new MIM Cab is available in Three-color-Sunburst, Black and White Blonde

BUY ONE – Fender Fsr Cabronita Telecaster

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4 Responses to “Fender Releases MIM Cabronita Telecaster”
  1. I wonder what the spacing for a fideli’tron is, cause I have a couple of hs filters in a guitar with a tele (half) bridge, and the string spacing on those filters is really narrow. it would be nice if there were some filter style pups that fit the tele bridge spacing. Anyone know? I have a vintage style with allparts threaded barrels (to try to fit the filters’ spacing.)

    glad these are coming into the mim line btw :)

  2. Desertcaster says:

    I bought a Les Paul Studio 2012. The pole spacing is way off on both pickups. Too wide towards the 1st and 2nd strings.. WTF? It bothered me endlessly but I did not want to put $250 in some Fralins “yet”. I gave up thinking about it and is seems to play just fine. It is what it is. I may spring for the $1500 Carbronita some time. Wonder if you could do a push pull volume tone knob in one?

  3. Cadfael Cadfael says:

    Hi Desertcaster,

    you can put in a 1960 Jazz Bass “dual pot”! This has one layer for volume and one layer for tone. You can also put in an S1 switch and make volume plus tone switch (like in some US Cabronitas).
    The Cabronita is a real beauty to me! It is an ‘evolution’, but 100% Telecaster at the same time. Don’t like the Tele Bass as Tele basses are not supposed to have a contoured body to my mind. But the Cabronita is a work of art!

  4. teleplayer99 says:

    Is the fretboard “rolled on the MEX f-hole?

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