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Two New Squier Signature Telecasters

As you’ve no doubt noticed, Squier is on fire lately with cool new guitars. And, now just prior to Winter NAMM 2012, they’ve introduced a few more guitars for Tele Fans. Not exactly “all new,” the new models are familiar, yet still new for Squier and they join an ever expanding line up of punk and pop signature models the brand offers. The new Avril Lavigne Tele joins the previous Squier model and the Jim Root Tele, which has been available in the Fender line-up now comes to Squier, as well.

The new black-on-black Avril Lavigne Telecaster joins Lavigne’s previous signature Squier Tele, and features several new touches, including a three-ply pickguard, knurled black flat-top volume control knob, a black headstock with die-cast turners, and a distinctive 12th-fret skull and crossbones logo. The MSRP on the new Avril Lavigne Signature guitar is $479.99.

Designed in cooperation with Slipknot/Stone Sour guitar speed demon Jim Root, the Squier Jim Root Telecaster boasts several new features, a satin-matte finish in black or white, starkly simple single-knob/single switch control layout, black die-cast tuners and other black hardware, and two passive humbucking pickups with black covers. The MSRP on the new Jim Root Signature Tele is $599.99.

See full details and specs at

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14 Responses to “Two New Squier Signature Telecasters”
  1. $600. msrp for a Squier? The dollar is about worthless or Squier is smoking crack.

  2. Five-O says:

    They look and seem ok I guess, but do we really need all these Squiers from Fender ? I think It could dilute the quality and appeal of the Squiers that are already out there, plus I’d prefer they keep it simple and not allow the Squier line to distract them . Fender should focus on the quality of the Fender line in my opinion.

    • stratomite stratomite says:

      When you already have the merchandising machine that is FMIC in place, what’s a few hundred bux in tooling costs to whip out yet another Squier model. Fender has used Chinese production to get excellent quality guitars into the hands of beginners creating a better chance that those people will some day buy more expensive Fender-branded guitars>>>brilliant.

    • ChrsGuit says:

      I agree somewhat. I think it’s great that the Squier line is coming out with better models than the Affinity series, so kids starting out can have a good beginner guitar… THAT BEING SAID, the first guitar I bought was a Standard Fender Stratocaster back in 1999. I still have it, and it still sounds amazing. I paid $300 for it back then. I have played the new standard series, and the quality hasn’t gone up or down, but they are more expensive. I hope Fender isn’t going the way of Gibson. My appeal towards Fender has always been the value. I always try to steer beginners to Fender because you can buy an EXCELLENT quality, American made guitar that is durable, consistant, and will last a long time. You can buy some custom shop models for what a “standard” Les Paul is priced at. I think that Squier is going the way of Epiphone, but sadly that dosn’t motivate kids to buy a standard strat and hot-rod it to make it their own (as I did in High School). The Strat taught me how to take a great thing and make it my own by some inexpensive, simple upgrades

      • guit30 guit30 says:

        Think of the Squiers being the Mustangs of our day, I remember cutting grass for a summer, then taking 200 bucks I had earned and went into Henley’s music in downtown ,Knoxville, Tenn. and Bought a brand new white Mustang(with Fender HS case), plus a vibro-champ amp with cover for under 200 Bucks(made in Kalamazoo Michagin. That rig did me good for about 8 years with no problems.

  3. PJ PJ says:

    Nothing interesting about these two models for me. I guess they see a market for these types of guitars in the marketplace and the Tele platform can be modified to do this kind of stuff. I’ll end my Squier experiment with the CV – it’s an honest Tele at an honest price. I don’t see the need to go the Jim Root route.

  4. Murph says:

    Well I consider myself a pretty decent Slipknot fan. I may give the Jim Root one a test drive. I also have tried the previous Avril Lavigne model in the past, it sounded alright but it just didn’t speak to me the way other guitars do. It also doesn’t help that I can’t stand its namesake.

  5. newmachine newmachine says:

    The new black-on-black Avril tele looks mean. Me like :)

    • ChrsGuit says:

      Avril Lavigne does it for me… so long as she’s not singing or talking… I kid, I kid. It’s killer looking, but I was expecting it to be the guitar that John 5 would play. It harkens back to the Telecaster GT’s (which were killer)

  6. DEM0N DEM0N says:

    I think I’d rather buy a Mighty Mite Telecaster Body, a Mighty Mite Telecaster Neck, a fender engraved Neck Plate, a custom “waterslide” headstock decal, apply the decal, clear coat over the Decal, buy some Fender or Schaller Locking Machine Heads (tuning machines), & then put either Fender Custom Shop Pickups or Seymour Duncan Pickups in it… or maybe buy a Used either ’72 Fender Telecaster Deluxe, or a Used Fender Telecaster Contemporary which has a Kahler Double-Locking tremolo….

  7. quartzbear says:

    Well I must first say i own several expensive guitars… LP, Explorer, and a Strat. but that being said… I own ALOT of inexpensive guitars I would never sell as well. I own a Squire Tele.. absolutely great. changed the pickups and added a push/pull know. It’s the butterscotch one. great. last year I bought a Black Squire black “Bullet” with black hardware. Loaded with two humbuckers and maple neck. I changed out the tuners for a set of Grovers… This guitar is world class in every way. Billy Gibbons would play it in a new york minute….It is multi bad and will take the skin off your face…. So those who think it’s cool not to play a Squire.. let me say.. you are looking at the name on the headstock rather than the quality of the instrument.. and as Mr Gibbons says a guitar is just a slab with strings.. rock on…..

  8. ElmoZappa ElmoZappa says:

    After my buddy Oldschoolwax advised on the Squier CV Tele, I ponied up and took the plunge. DAMN. It is simply a great axe outta the box. These 2 look cool nice, but that A.L. looks baddass hands down. No tone knob or fretboard markers- and can add a single coil up top? Geez, I gotta check it out. If I got one, I’d drop a Duncan Invader in the bridge, a GFS fatboy in the neck, put a sticker over Avril’s name… and tear it up.
    No offense Avril, I agree with (ChrsGuit)
    Price tag got me waiting for one on CL.

  9. stratman10 says:

    thats crazyyyyyyyyyyyyy i wouldnt pay 5cents for a squire unless it was japanese made,

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