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Cool New Squier VM Telecaster Special

You have to wonder what’s going on within Fender these days. Expensive new “Select” Series guitars are introduced one day, only to be followed by some heavy talkin’ Blacktop Series guitars the next and then some really FRESH new Squier models the day after that. One can only assume that last Summer’s record heat-wave in Phoenix got to the marketing department’s heads and got their creative juices flowing.

Further proof of this concept is the new Squier products. Squier keeps coming out with interesting new products for Tele-lovers and this year’s models look to be no exception to this rule. We haven’t received full details yet, but our sources show a cool new Squier Vintage Modified Tele Special being introduced at this year’s Winter NAMM show.

Here’s what we know so far. The Squier Vintage Modified Telecaster Special looks to be very special indeed with a classic Tele body and the neck from a Vintage Modified Jazzmaster Neck and Jazzmaster pickups. Pricing looks great too at about a $300 street price.

More details will be provided as we learn more about this guitar.

Another cool new Squier product is a VM “Surf” Strat with Duncan Lipstick Pickups and a pearlized guard. Colors include Sonic Blue, Surf Green and Candy Apple Red. Pricing is that same sweet spot of around $300 street price.

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20 Responses to “Cool New Squier VM Telecaster Special”
  1. zbigley says:

    Is that a P-90 in the neck?

  2. Jalpow says:

    Agreed. The neck p/u looks the same as the p/u in the VM Jazzmaster. Im pretty sure i can decipher the writing to say ‘Duncan Designed’.

  3. bluescube bluescube says:

    The neck is the same VM Jazzmaster neck. I bet this is made in Indonesia at the same factory as the VM Jazzmaster

  4. If it is a p90, I am SO getting it.

    • JKjr says:

      If it’s the same pup as a Squier JM it’s an OK pickup. Not good, but not bad either. My JM is in the Jazzer ballpark, but that’s as close as it gets. YMMV, but when I do the (required) fret dress and setup mine will be coming out.

  5. CharlesT says:

    At $300, I just might be able to squeeze one of those Teles into my budget. From the description, it sounds like a wonderful guitar.

  6. jammers5 jammers5 says:

    and i bet you could reshape the headstock into the proper Tele headstock….


  7. top-marc top-marc says:

    Wow this is cooler than most of the american Fenders

  8. jz229 jz229 says:

    The strat headstock looks so weird.

  9. Randyrocker Randyrocker says:

    hahah Fender is insane… Why don’t they Address their crummy Nashville B -Bender how embarrassing.. Heavy freaking old technology thingy. with two color option? I cannot puke any more..

  10. TDPRI TDPRI says:

    Both the VM Tele Special and the Surf Strat look very cool in the flesh, too. They were very popular at NAMM in the Squier booth.

  11. pberry says:

    OMG! Don’t they have enough of my money already? :o)

  12. ToneSage says:

    I just can’t get my head wrapped around the way that name LOOKS! I’d have to replace it with something unique.

  13. ChrsGuit says:

    The “surf” strat with lipstick pickups needs to come in white for all of us Stevie Ray Vaughan fans… It’s got the “Charley-caster” written all over it

  14. orangeguitar orangeguitar says:

    I just got mine today. Unboxed it. It was still in tune but a half-step down and a few ticks off. Plays wonderfully, well intonated, nice chunky neck, big huge neck pickup, 3-saddle bridge, etc, and beautiful finish. I’m shocked that this $279 guitar from Indo was not a piece but it is actually a true player!

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