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Fender’s Custom Shop Introduces New Collection

Later this month the Annual Winter NAMM Show takes place in Anaheim and that means it it’s prime time for new Fender Custom Shop model introductions. This morning the Fender Custom Shop has provided us with the info on some new goods for 2012 Winter NAMM.The 2012 Limited Collection includes 10 new models including 5 Telecasters, 4 Stratocasters and one Jazz bass.

The first two Teles are the Custom Shop’s homage to the famous “Nocaster” with their release of the 1951 New Old Stock (NOS) Nocaster and the 1951 Relic Nocaster. Both models feature a hand-selected ash body with a Nocaster Blonde finish, and include all-new Twisted Tele pickups designed by Fender’s skilful Master Builders, giving the model’s historical significance and modern performance. For added authentic feel, the 1951 Relic Nocaster features special aging treatment, evoking the magic of an aged, Fender classic. Other features include a one-piece maple neck with early-’50s U shape, maple fingerboard with 9.5-inch radius and 6105 frets, three-way pickup switch with custom modern Tele wiring, nickel hardware, case and certificate of authenticity.

In the early ’60s, the Custom Telecaster instantly became a classic with its double-bound body and striking appearance. And for 2012 the CS is recreating the classic with the 1961 Relic Telecaster Custom. Featuring a double-bound, hand-selected lightweight ash body, maple neck with an early-’60s C shape, rosewood fingerboard with 9.5-inch radius and 6105 frets, all-new Twisted Tele pickups with three-way switching, nickel hardware, case and certificate of authenticity. Available in Black and Faded, Three-Tone Sunburst.

A remarkable new guitar, the 2012 Closet Classic Telecaster Pro sports a body fashioned from swamp ash with Closet Classic lacquer finish. Other features include an access heel, quartersawn maple neck with a mid-’50s (10/’56) V shape, 22-fret maple or rosewood fingerboard with 9.5-inch radius and medium jumbo frets, new Twisted Tele pickups with three-way switching and modern wiring, vintage hardware, and a Greasebucket tone circuit. Available in Black, Dakota Red, and Nocaster blonde.

The 2012 Custom Deluxe Telecaster is exactly that – a deluxe model with refined, custom features and the most exotic selection of wood for the highest-quality sound. The Tele features a hand-selected lightweight ash body with access heel and AAA quilted maple veneer top, satin-finished AA flame maple neck with C shape and a 22-fret maple or rosewood fingerboard with 9.5” radius and medium jumbo frets, chrome hardware with pearl button tuners, and a case and certificate for authenticity. The 2012 Custom Deluxe Telecaster features Twisted Tele pickups, custom Tele wiring, and a Greasebucket tone circuit. They are available in Faded Honey Burst, Candy Red, and Faded Cherry Sunburst.

In the Non-Tele categories, the Custom Shop is also introducing four new Stratocaster models and a 1961 Closet Classic Jazz Bass. For info on the Stratocaster models, see our Strat sister-site, To learn about them all vist the Fender Custom Shop website.

We’ll have more info and photos from the 2012 Winter NAMM show in the next few weeks. So, check back later.

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3 Responses to “Fender’s Custom Shop Introduces New Collection”
  1. Hoopermazing Hoopermazing says:

    I’d love to get my hands on that 51 Nocaster… only without the “relic-ing.”
    That is, IMO, the guitar equivalent of stuffing socks down the front of your pants.

  2. bluetele54 says:

    …I’ve a guitar w’ a real ’51 neck and a 5/20/52 body…who knows what the story is with it,but it probably sings sweeter than anything “corporate” may be doing presently…

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