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Fender Introduces “Select Series” Telecasters

Prior to the NAMM feeding frenzy Fender is introducing a series of new guitars and basses called: the Fender Select series. Designed as “Select instruments for select individuals“, the five guitars and two basses in the series are described by Fender as “offering choice tone woods, figured tops, beautiful finishes, figured and quartersawn maple necks with compound-radius fretboards, specially voiced Fender Select pickups, and other first-rate features”. Fender claims that the U.S.-made Select Series presents Fender’s finest selection.

The Fender Select Telecaster® enhances the look of the simple Telecaster with a Violin Burst gloss-lacquer finish and natural binding on a honeycomb-chambered ash body with a solid flame maple top. It sports modern “C” shaped birdseye maple neck with a contoured heel, Bi-Flex™ truss rod, a satin lacquer back finish and rear-headstock “Fender Select” medallion. The compound radius birdseye maple fretboard (9.5”-14”) has 22 medium jumbo frets, black pearloid position inlays and a gloss lacquer finish. Pickups are the new Fender Select Telecaster single-coil neck and bridge pickups with three-way switching and a no-load tone control. Other features include a three-ply pickguard (parchment-black-parchment), knurled chrome knobs, American Telecaster bridge with new American Standard bent steel saddles and stamped brass plate, deluxe staggered cast/sealed locking tuners and nickel-chrome hardware. The Fender Select Telecaster has a MSRP of $2,999.99.

The Fender Select Carved Koa Top Telecaster offers a Sienna Edge Burst gloss-lacquer finish on a lightweight empress body with a carved Koa wood top. Its modern “C” shaped flame maple neck has a Bi-Flex™ truss rod, a satin lacquer back finish and rear-headstock “Fender Select” medallion, compound radius rosewood fretboard (9.5”-14”) has 22 medium jumbo frets, white pearloid position inlays and a gloss lacquer finish. Pickups again are the new Fender Select Telecaster single-coil neck and bridge pickups with three-way switching and a no-load tone control. Also included are knurled chrome knobs, American Telecaster bridge with new American Standard bent steel saddles and stamped brass plate, deluxe staggered cast/sealed locking tuners and nickel-chrome hardware. The MSRP of the Carved Koa model is $3,499.99.

The Fender Select Carved Maple Top Telecaster shares the features above, with the exception of an Amber gloss-lacquer finish, carved flame maple top and black pearloid position inlays. The MSRP of the Select Carved Maple Top Tele is $3,499.99.

Along with the three Telecasters, the Select Series also includes a Fender Select Stratocaster, a Select Stratocaster HSS, a Select Precision Bass and a Select Jazz Bass.

All Fender Select series models come with a Custom G&G Fender Select case and accessories including a strap, cable and polishing cloth. For more information, go to

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32 Responses to “Fender Introduces “Select Series” Telecasters”
  1. jakaj says:

    I wish all that get to play one (I think the honeycomb one is nice looking – I’m just a sucker for binding) great fun and beautiful music. I just can’t imagine affording one very soon.

  2. domakkah says:

    They’re very beautiful and all… but in this economy, do we really need expensive instruments for an elite few?

    • srblues says:

      REALLY FENDER???Get real ,no wonder the boutique builders are kickin your ass- better instruments for half the price.The 61 Tele Custom is cool,but why include historic but lame features like those wimpy early 60’s necks and threaded saddles?
      Geez-fire your marketing guys already…..

  3. Swinger says:

    Fender can kiss my ass for 3500 $))) The philosophy of Telecaster, which made this guitar famous and more played, than others – is CHEAP PRICE! 3500$ for Fender Telecaster? LOL)))

  4. I have to agree with Swinger (above). Way too expensive, and way too fru-fru to be a Tele. A step in the wrong direction for Fender, IMO.

  5. Lechip007 says:

    Good Lord!!! $3500 for a Telecaster???????
    I’m part of the 99% trying to pay my bills!!!!
    I bought a Baja Tele for $800. and that hurt enough just to pay for that!!

  6. Ed P Ed P says:

    Ridiculous. My money would be better spent on lessons.

  7. BratNikotin says:

    I guess, now days the guitar makers make money on collectors, rather than on players. .. But there are individuals who do pay for new Fender just because that’s what it is!!!

  8. No love here, from what I can see.

  9. top-marc top-marc says:

    Awesome looking guitars, but for that price would you really buy one over something like a k-line tele for example. Would You?!

  10. Barstia says:

    I got my American Standard Cherry Cola from last year, and i can’t be happier!
    Besides, i like my bolor better than this

  11. Toto'sDad Toto'sDad says:

    I bought a Martin D-28 Marquis, it didn’t help my playing one bit.

    I bought a ’52 AVRI Tele, still play the same.

    I’m just sure though, if I dump $3500 in a custom shop Tele ol’ Brad won’t be able to sleep at night!

  12. ctte2112 teletwang67 says:

    Why can’t Fender focus less on $3,000 guitars and more on making good Squiers and maybe lower the price of MIMs. And less humbuckers, I’d like a real Jaguar with 2 single coils. It’s like Fender is turning in to Gibson. BTW, I like the Gibsonburst Tele…

    • TDPRI TDPRI says:

      I think you’ll find that Fender is less focused on $3,000 ($2,400 Street Price) guitars and more focused on the other things you’ve “wished” for. Well, the cheaper MIM may not be on their list, but a real Jaguar — done. Good new Squier models — done. The Select Series is really great looking and great playing.

  13. Telemanmuggs says:

    not for me. is this what fender thinks a real tele junkie wants ? i don’t see them selling these very well

    • TDPRI TDPRI says:

      Actually Fender thinks this is exactly what “some” Tele junkies want. By the way, these models are only available this year. Next year they will be retired and a whole new group of Select Series Instruments will be created.

      • GuitarJr says:

        But isnt that exactly what they are saying. More for collectors than the average player.
        New models every year is clearly intended to creaste a “collector’s market.” I have a ’69 tele body (Nashville body) with a ’58 tele maple neck. Ive played many new ones and they just cant make one that can match the accoustic sound (ringing tone) when played without an amp. And THAT is a huge difference when you do amplify it.

  14. TDPRI TDPRI says:

    I saw these being made in the regular production facilities and they are some really great looking Tele’s that are made to the highest standards possible in the regular production line.

    Yes, they are an answer to PRS, Suhr, Kent Armstrong and others that offer more expensive guitars with higher quality woods. They fill a hole between the former top of the regular production line and the bottom of the Custom Shop line of team built guitars.

    According to my handlers at Fender the entire series arose from the workers in the regular production factory. They said they could produce a series that would rival the Custom Shop and the Select Series is a result of their desire to prove this point.

  15. Randyrocker Randyrocker says:

    hmmm what gag me with a compensated saddle

  16. Potter22 Potter22 says:

    Just got one and it is something special. I own other tele’s, but this is magnificent, and a lot less than a vintage guitar.

  17. paulswifka says:

    $3500….that’s like half a years rent for me….or a decent car….I have a MIM that has some nicks that I love to death and I bet that $3500 guitar doesn’t sound any better or play any better….as a matter a fact…you could probably blind fold someone and they wouldn’t be able to tell the difference…a joke….they do look cool…but come on…

  18. Guitartec Guitartec says:

    FYI… Both of the carved top Select Teles use “Empress” as their core body woods. Empress (or Princess Tree) is the tree name for Paulownia! Paulownia is the same Asian-grown barf-wood that Guitar Fetish makes their el-cheapo Strat & Tele bodies out of.

    Well, at least it’s not Pine for 3 grand.

  19. Appalachik says:

    Accept it, there’s folks who choose to accrue guitars like Franklin Mint “collectables” and are prepared to pay the frankly monstrous costs of bulls*itting these corporate products to market in the mistaken belief that they are making an investment.

    I say products, because I prefer to reserve the term “instruments” for true players tools.

    Luckily, there are seriously good luthiers across the world making great value true-to-the-music equivalents with all the soul that (for me, at least) these latest Fenders lack.

    Uh oh… I sense the impending wrath of Fender’s embedded stooges :)

  20. Jimmy C says:

    Well, folks can do what they want with their money. But for me, building (with help from the guys at USACG, etc) is the way to go. You buy parts when you can afford them, it’s a BLAST, and with a little practice you and your garage are turning out guitars that look and sound as good as these at less than a third or a quarter the price.

  21. resonator says:

    Unbelievable! Sounds like a bunch of sour grapes being spread around here. With all the talk of high dollar vintage Tele’s and nocasters, and then everyone slams Fender for trying to do something special. And where did the $3500 price tag come from. You guys just throw crap off the top of your heads to see where it lands. I actually played the Violin Burst Tele and it’s nothing short of spectacular. That old crap you guys rave about all the time? Yep, I’ve played a bunch of the vintage tele’s and they play like the old junk they are. Just a little tired of the closed minded bias.

  22. BrianRowland says:

    Yeah, I agree with Resonator, a bunch of sour grapes trying to justify their own way of doing things and making others wrong who don’t see things their way. One guy says DIY, the next says “true players” have to purchase from a serious luthier, etc. etc. etc. What a bunch of bunk. I’ll do it my way and enjoy myself, and I won’t try to force it on you or make you wrong for doing it differently.

    ‘Just picked up a Tele Select for $1750, … so much for that $3,500 price tag malarkey.

  23. Rod Parsons Rod Parsons says:

    I think that Fender should sell Teles and Strats to the one per cent at 100.000 dollars and up. They love things of super status that makes them feel better than everyone else. Then Fender could afford to make fabulous USA Teles and sell them cheap to us 99 percent poor people… Now that would be ‘good marketing strategy if it worked.

  24. bigfitter says:

    i have the violin burst tele and a american standard tele there is a big difference to me in sound and quality in them both exceptional guitars i got my select price matching with rhree sellers and got a good deal. call me a idiot for buying one but i love i earned the money by working hard and glad i bought one, why beat someone down if you dont have one be glad they do. my question is how many are actually made

  25. I just bought the Select Carved Maple Top. Couldn’t be happier. This I’d the only guitar I own with a modern quarter sawn neck. The are others i have are vintage style 7.25 ” radius and small vintage frets. $2400 is the street price now. That beats $3500 MSRP!!

    It is the best playing guitar I own with the compound radius and medium jumbo frets. I love that aspect. Still studying the tone. I may end up putting Lollar 52’s in it. But I knew that going in. I love my vintage guitars but wanted some modern perks on this one. I like the modified bridge and bent saddles. Easy to adjust and intonate. Also the nut is wider, 1.678 vise 1.60 on the vintage.

    I will play it for a few weeks and see what it needs, if anything.

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