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15 Lucky Winners in Giveaway

The 2011 Fundraiser / Giveaway is completed and it’s time to officially list the winners of this year’s prizes. Thanks to all that participated in this year’s Fundraiser / Giveaway and a very special “Thank You” to those that donated during the event. It’s your help and support that keep the TDPRI going and growing.

The actual Giveaway roster is announced in our Forum, on our Facebook page and our Twitter feed on the day of the drawing. It’s always an exciting day around the TDPRI when the Giveaway drawing takes place. And, one that in our formative years used to bring our server down with the heavy load of members refreshing their computer screens over and over to see if they won. Those days are past as we have boosted our server capacity, but the excitement has remained. In case you missed it, here is our official winners list for 2011:

  • Fender Custom Shop Esquire — Arden Stevens — ast370
  • Fender 60th Anniversary Tele — Michael Fisher — mickeydean
  • K-Line Truxton Guitar — Steve Zakel — zeke54
  • Guitar Mill Guitar — Milton Stamper — cstamper
  • Rutters Guitar — Jason Taylor — jmtaylor22
  • Rhomco 12-String — Kim Moyer — TeleZee
  • Squier Classic Vibe — Dan Stewart — SackvilleDan
  • USA Custom Old School body/neck — Peter Jones –3029174
  • USA Custom Maple/Mahogany body/neck — Bill Feiffer — bilfeiffer
  • 1st set DAllen P’up — Bill Ashton — Bill Ashton
  • 2nd set DAllen P’up — Andy Lackow — Stylemaster
  • 3rd set DAllen P’up — Nathaniel Liddle –Shanaynay74
  • Fret Tech P’up — Winton Palmer — winny pooh
  • Wampler Compressor — John Brzys — Motor-City-Tele
  • Wampler Paisley — Rob Chisholm — FerosFerio

If you didn’t win this year… there is always next year!

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