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TDPRI Gives Away 7 Guitars!

The 10th Annual TDPRI Fundraiser / Giveaway is going on now through November 17th. And, this year’s Giveaway has the biggest and best prize list of any of the previous events. We’re giving away 7 complete guitars, and an assortment of other prizes all valued at nearly $20,000. On November 18th, we’ll hold a live drawing online and some lucky TDPers will take home some VERY big prizes.

Here’s the list of prizes and demoes of the guitars being offered in the Fundraiser. Each demo is performed by Tele Master Redd Volkaert. Be sure to check each of them out!

Grand Prize – Guitar

Fender Custom Shop Esquire Grand Prize


Fender Custom Shop

Fender Custom Shop
Limited Edition Relic 50’s Esquire -2 Pickup – Black

Fender’s Custom Shop has created a very limited masterpiece for this year’s Giveaway. This reliced 50’s LTD Edition 2-pickup Esquire in Black is the perfect guitar to celebrate the 60th Anniversary of the Telecaster (and Esquire, too). This one was made special for display in the Custom Shop Booth at last year’s Winter NAMM Show.

  • Premium Ash body
  • 7.25 radius maple neck with vintage frets
  • 6 lb 14 oz
  • Nitro finished Relic body
  • Vintage hardware
  • CS Nocaster Bridge / CS 50’s Neck Pickups
  • Tweed Deluxe LTD case
  • Certificate of Authenticity (signed by Mike Eldred)
  • Fender’s Custom Shop Custom Care®
  • MSRP Value of $6,000 — free to the winner of this Grand Prize

First Prize

Fender Guitar Prize

Fender Musical Instrument Corp.
60th Anniversary Telecaster

Fender celebrates the 60th Anniversary of the Telecaster with this special “Tele-Bration” limited Anniversary edition Tele. A mixture of vintage looks and modern features make this a special guitar to own no matter how you look at it.

  • Ash Body Blonde / Nitrocellulose Lacquer
  • “C” shapped Maple Lacquer finished Neck 9.5” Radius
  • American Standard Tele Pickups
  • Bakelite Pickguard
  • New Amercian Style Bridge
  • Molded Rectangular Fender/SKB® Case

Second Prize

K-Line Guitars
Truxton Vintage Guitar

A fantastic guitar from K-Line Guitars. Wait ’til you see this one. Top notch components mated to the proper tonewoods with the best electronics. Great aged and reliced Oly White with a mint ‘guard.

  • Alder body
  • Rosewood FB/Maple neck .880″ C shape,
  • 6105 frets
  • Aged and Reliced Olympic White Finish
  • Loller Vintage Pickups
  • K-Line Aged Vintage 3-saddle bridge
  • Mint Pickguard, 3 way switch, K-Line Aged Controls
  • Polyfoam/Fabric Rectangular Kaces case

Third Prize

Guitar Mill Custom Guitars
Guitar Mill
Mario Guitars T-Style
2-color Sunburst

Guitar Mill is known for making great guitar bodies and necks with the option to have them custom finished before shipping. But it’s their custom line of specially crafted “Mario Guitars” that are the hallmark of their entire operation. This year’s Custom Shop T-Style from Mario’s workbench is truly a special guitar and one that its winner will truly treasure for decades to come.

  • Premium Grade Aged- Pine Body
  • 1 Pc. Quarter Sawn Maple Neck ( w/ Light Flame)
  • Soft Chunky ‘V’ Shape, 6105 frets, 9.5″ Radius
  • Ultra-Thin Nitrocellulose Lacquer Finish (Two Tone Sunburst
  • Custom Wound – Lindy Fralin PU’s with 4 Way Switching
  • Heavy Knurled Nickel Knobs, Hand Engraved Custom Neck Plate
  • Compensated Brass Saddle Bridge
  • 5 lb 9 oz
  • Deluxe TKL Hardshell Case

Fourth Prize

Rutters Guitars

Rutters Guitars

50’s T-Style Butterscotch

Marc Rutters is known for his attention to detail for vintage parts, bodies and fantastic guitars. And, this guitar is no exception to that heritage.< br/>
NEW! Video of this guitar.

  • 1 piece Swamp Ash
  • Neck 1 piece Maple lazy V to C profile .89 1st fret .98 12th fret
  • Bone nut 1.650” wide, 6105 frets, 9.5″ Radius
  • NOS Butterscotch nitrocellulose lacquer finish
  • Peter Florance Broadcaster bridge and TE Sweet neck Pickups
  • Bridge “Rutters” CRS, control plate, Broadcaster knobs, neck plate, jack cup and switch tip all Rutters handmade hardware

Fifth Prize
Rhomco Guitars
TDPRI Partscaster 12-String T-Style

From building new guitars, to transforming a 6-string into a 12-string, to turning your Tele into a VariAxe to making short-scale Tele basses, Robert Oliveira does it all. His specialty is affordable custom guitar work. He can use your components or provide a complete guitar built to order. This TDPRI Partscaster 12-String is a perfect example of the unique set of skills Rob brings to the table.

  • Two piece Pine Body with Double White Aged Binding
  • Maple/Rosewood Custom 12 String Neck
  • Bone nut 1.650” wide, 6105 frets, 9.5″ Radius
  • Surf Green Pearl, Silver Flake Nitrocellulose finish
  • Fender 69 Tele Re-Issue Pickups
  • Custom Bridge plate, Gotoh 12 String Saddles, Tinted Nitrocellulose finish, Gotoh Kluson Style Tuners
  • Custom Decal by Jonathan Bennett

Sixth Prize

Squier Classic Vibe


Classic Vibe 50’s Tele Butterscotch

In the early years of Fender, the Telecaster quickly became an everyman’s guitar because of its versatile sound, ease of playing and reasonable cost. The new Classic Vibe Telecaster ’50s in Butterscotch Blonde delivers on that original promise.

  • Pine Body
  • Tinted Maple Neck modern 9.5” fretboard radius
  • Butterscotch Blonde Finish
  • Alnico 5 single-coil pickups
  • Vintage Style 3-saddle bridge

Other Cool Prizes!

This year we have other cool prizes from USA Custom, D. Allen Pickups and others. So, if you don’t win a guitar maybe you’ll win a great effects pedal from Wampler or some hand wound pickups from FretTech. Here’s the details on these other prizes:

USACustom Guitars

Total "Old School" T-Style body

1-piece Swamp Ash made “totally old school” with all standard T-Style routes.

1-Piece Maple Neck

1.650" nut width, ’54 contour, 9.5" compound radius, 6105 frets, Kluson tuner holes, std black dots, rolled edges

USACustom Guitars

Figured Maple cap over Honduras Mahogany body

Std T-Style bridge route / Humbucker Neck route, 7/8" side jack,

1-Piece “Cooked” Quarter Sawn Maple Neck

1.650" nut width, ’63 “C” contour, 9.5" compound radius, 6105 frets, Kluson tuner holes, std black dots, rolled edges

D. Allen Pickups

Wild Cat Hot Vintage Bridge and Neck Set

The Wild Cat Hot Vintage Bridge is made with alnico II’s for a warm rounded tone that will still have snap and spank. It is wound with 42GA poly to 7.38. The Wild Cat Hot Vintage neck is made with alnico III magnets and wound to 6.88 with 43 GA PE wire for a crisp clean hot tone that will still play dirty well and a very thin polished Nickle Silver cover. The set is reverse wound,

D. Allen Pickups

Fat Cat Bridge and Neck Pickup Set

These Fat Cat Tele Pickups give you big, fat, warm single-coil Telecaster sounds. They are clear and still cut, but have a slightly rounder and darker tone. Punchy, thick sounds, but with clarity and chime. A very versatile set, but also very well suited for those with jazz, pop, or rhythm and blues tendencies.

D. Allen Pickups

Wild Cat Cheetah Pickup Set
Cheetah’s provide true Tele brightness, but also a certain sweetness and provide a very even range and response from top to bottom. The neck pickup has a clarity and punch that typical Tele neck pups lack. Cheetah’s will do country music and rock-n-roll all day long. Overall, this is a fantastic set for the Tele enthusiast looking for a more transparent and useful neck pickup, with a bridge pickup that gives you that cut and bite you want out of your Telecaster.

Fret Tech Guitars and Pickups

Cavalier Lion + Cavalier Tiger (strat) Pickup Set
FretTech’s Cavalier Lion Tele Bridge Pickup paired with an uncovered but potted Tiger (strat) pickup for the neck. The Tiger will fit the standard Tele neck position and Tele pickguard no problem. The Cavalier Lion/Tiger matched set for a Tele®. The very best of all worlds – that classic twangy Tele® bridge tone found on countless recordings by mega artists spanning countless music genres, coupled with that classic bluesy Strat® neck pickup. A match made in single coil tone heaven that turns any Tele® into a very versatile guitar for stage or studio.

Wampler Pedals

Ego Compressor

The Ego Compressor gives you a clear articulate sound thanks to the “clean blend” knob which blends in your original clean signal yet still thickens your tone up better than anything else available in pedal form. It also will add a ton of sustain to your notes – all without excess noise. The “tone” control adds in clarity and punchiness – while cutting through the mix!

Wampler Pedals

The Paisley Drive

Brad Paisley’s requirements were quite “simple”… it needs to be clean but get crunchy with some “beef” to it. It needs to have a fluid tone when soloing. It needs to add a little hair to the tone but then but then has to be able to give flat out ball busting gain, oh… but please do not wreck the tonality. Wampler nailed it in the Paisley Drive.

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9 Responses to “TDPRI Gives Away 7 Guitars!”
  1. kedj11 says:

    I’m broke, but with the AMAZING PRIZES on offer, I of course want to enter the contest. Is there any way to do so online w/ no purchase/donation? or do I have to send a postcard?

  2. jimdkc jimdkc says:

    Not sure I’ve ever entered a contest hoping to win 4th Prize! I’ve been impressed with Marc Rutters’ stuff for some time now!

    Seriously… all the prizes look great! Good luck everyone!

  3. keepkalm says:

    I had to enter, way too much cool stuff to win.

  4. Hendrixaxe66 Hendrixaxe66 says:

    Good luck to every one who’s entered, but just a little bit more luck to ME!! :oD

  5. ETThompson says:

    So…who won? I guess it was not me (boo hoo)…

  6. Squanto Squanto says:

    So maybe the webmaster or whomever posted this on the front page should change it such that it reads TDPRI “GAVE” away 7 guitars… here I got all worked up for nuttin… C’set le vie…

  7. Tonetele says:

    I think that one of the prizes could go to the most amusing TDPRIer. So far that would be Nick JD of Queensland, Australia ( who we all joke about as per West Virginians here in Aus.) Bring back that thread on SAE/Metric measurements and the ensuing egg jokes. It’s always time for good humour. Cheers mates!!

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