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Happy 102nd Birthday Leo Fender

On August 10th, 1909, Leo Fender, the man who perfected the electric guitar and creator of the Telecaster, was born in Buena Park, Calif. Fender’s company manufactured the first mass-produced solid-body electric guitar in 1948. Fender’s Telecaster and Stratocaster models are favorites of rock guitarists. Leo Fender died March 21st, 1991 in Fullerton, Calif.

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11 Responses to “Happy 102nd Birthday Leo Fender”
  1. Tidepoolbay Tidepoolbay says:

    The man who change modern music!

  2. vanguard vanguard says:

    check out that maple-neck, double-bound sunburst esquire!

  3. Telesonique Telesonique says:

    Happy Birthday to the guy who gave the telecaster to the world!

  4. tele-bastard tele-bastard says:

    He is the man. The first solid body electric guitar over 60 years ago. With all the technology we have since then and no guitar is better even now. Most inventions would have been obsolete in ten years. Simply amazing. Before his time, now in our time…. Fender Telecaster Forever.

  5. Cliff Hanson says:

    1948 – a very good year. The TELECASTER sweeps all other guitars aside, a revolutionary design by a man of pure genius. A design that has never been bettered, a guitar that is as sought after and loved by guitarists the world over today as it was back in 1948. Oh yeah; and I was born!!! GOD BLESS YOU LEO, a good many other angels up there with you who will be playing a TELE or a STRAT. Cliff Hanson (UK).

  6. telekenster says:

    It is just amazing that his designs are still so popular, still almost virtually unchanged til this day!!

  7. They got it wrong ….. Clapton is GOD

    NO …… This man is GOD

    Thank you Leo every time I pick up – plug into & play a FENDER !

    Never Forgotten RIP.

  8. I read an article in the Courier-Journal (long time ago…) the subject of which was an interview with Merle Travis who was living in Louisville, Ky at the time. He “said” in the written interview that he made the original telecaster in his basement (may have been called a broadcaster or someting else…) and judging from It’s appearance, this is very plausible to me. Merle “said” that he sold the guitar/idea/design to Leo Fender nad the rest is history. Maby kinda like the Colonel and John Y. Brown… Can anyone disprove this?

  9. variview says:

    Thank you Leo, Rest in Peace

  10. callmemario callmemario says:

    Practicality and functionality was Leo’s philosophy. As others have said; a design that has never been surpassed. It’s always a great pleasure when I pick up my Tele. Thank you Mr. Fender. You live on forever!

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