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Yellow Jacket Tube Converters put EL84s in your Twin

Always wondered what your Deluxe Reverb, Twin or Princeton Reverb would sound like with EL-84 Tubes? Well, you’re not alone. But you don’t want to mess with your vintage (or otherwise) amp’s components. Enter Yellow Jacket’s “Tube Converters”. These things do just what you’d expect. They convert your existing tube sockets on your amp to use different power tubes than what nature and your manufacturer intended.

Yellow Jackets® tube converters allow EL84 power tubes to be used in place of the most common guitar amp power tubes including 6L6, EL34, 6V6, 7027, 6550 and 7591. Most Yellow Jackets®provide a substantial output power reduction and a “self-bias” Class A configuration for the EL84 so that no bias adjustment is required. Yellow Jackets®are like getting a whole new amp.

Why would I want to convert to EL84’s using Yellow Jackets?

Every power tube type offers a different characteristic sound and feel. EL84’s have a very tight and focused sound which has become world renown by their use in the British VOX™ AC30 guitar amplifiers. Additionally, most Yellow Jackets® converters will produce a substantial maximum power reduction (50% to 90%) making it easier to find that sweet, warm mix of preamp and power amp distortion at a lower volume.

Yellow Jackets also convert the power tube bias to “self-bias” Class A so that no bias adjustment is necessary. You can switch back and forth between EL84’s and your amplifier’s original power tubes without rebiasing.

To find Tube Converter for your application check out the details here — or email

Find Yellow Jacket Tube Converters at Amplified Parts online.

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10 Responses to “Yellow Jacket Tube Converters put EL84s in your Twin”
  1. zedhed says:

    Thumbs up on the yellowjackets. I use a Deluxe Reverb from the ’60s and often play smaller venues where I am unable to turn it up to the ‘chime’ volume. I find the stock amp tends to overemphasize the muddier frequencies in some rooms too. So I keep a loaded set of yellowjackets rattling around behind the reverb tank and exchange as necessary with the 6V6s.

    They’re actually “cathode-biased” rather than strict Class A, which to me is preferable. Cathode bias will subtly change the bias with the dynamics of your playing much like power sag does, which provides a light, quick compression. Gives it more of a springy feel. Tighter bottom end so you might cut through the mix a little better, but overall you know you’re still playing your Fender (or whatever) amp. I surmise the circuit design has more to do with the characteristic flavor of the amp than the output tubes do. They don’t make my amp sound like a Vox at all. I think it does *respond* more like the Vox, though.

    BTW, I don’t work for the yellowjacket people – I just like ’em.


  2. ntooke0142 says:

    I’ve just bought some off Ebay to try out in my Hot Rod Deville.

  3. Jack Downey Jack Downey says:

    I have yellowjackets in my Hot Rod Deville. Doesn’t really make the amp any quieter, but it gives me more wiggle room on the lower end of the volume knob. I really like them.

    • whodatpat whodatpat says:

      Seems like all of us with a Hot Rod Deville are simply looking for a way to turn it up higher than 2.
      There is no “magic” in these Yellow Jackets. It just lets me get up to about 3 on the master volume. I think if you start with an amp wioth good tone and volume controle with 6l6s then it would be really cool to hear the diference with these in it. However if the amp is as touchy as this HotRod it is hard to tell if the change in sound was the micro turn you made on the know or the tube you pluged in the back.

  4. varaha says:

    I must get these for my G40V

    • Rick330man says:

      I’ve got a G40V and I’ve got a set of Yellow Jackets. I bought the YJs years ago through Avatar speakers. The YJs sounded kind of anemic in the Pignose. On the other hand, the YJs sounded pretty good in my Hot Rod Deluxe.

      For the G40V, I found that sticking a good NOS 5751 in V1 was the perfect tweak. I replaced the stock speaker with an Eminence Legend 105. I used the G40V Friday night and got compliments on tone from both our bass player and our lead guitarist.

  5. NickelSilver NickelSilver says:

    Put a pair in my Fender Super-Sonic last month. The bad news is my wife still complains how loud the amp is. The good news is the amps tone is more Vox AC, than Fender. If you need a break from the 6L6 rut, then this is a cost effective alternative to buying a new amp. The Yellow Jackets came with JJ’s EL84’s, which sound very chimey. After swithing to a pair of NOS Holland manufactued EL84’s, my GE and RCA;s 6L6GC are on “extended holiday”. These Yellow Jackets met my expections.


  6. Milerky2 says:

    Using a pair in half power configuration on a Sovtek Mig 100 h… allows pure anger at >30 watts!

  7. I’m running a 52RI with semore duncan 5-2’s through a 70 silverface twin reverb w/JBL’s. I’ve had the blackface mod done. I use a Hot Rod Deville twin for a back up. I’m using I’m getting a pretty good country sound out of it. BUT, when I wired in the SD 5-2’s, I used the alternate wiring diagram that came with the guitar by passing the original 52 stock wiring. With the switch in center position, it’s a funky sound not real useable for my taste. I’ve been know to have stupid attacks, but I’m sure I wired this the way it said to. Rear and fwd positions work great, good sound.

    What is the prefered wiring diagram for a tele slated to play country with a twang?
    I’ve heard of capasitors being used. Does this help?
    I’m trying to perfect or imulate the best country twang sound possible.

  8. hornet54 says:

    I am looking for the same sound , I don’t own aTtele at this time. The only one I ever owned was a 72 custom, the one that had les paul controls and S bridge H neck pickups. I bought it from a friend that bought it new and only played it twice then put it away for 15 years. He didn’t like the sound. I gave him $300 for it and Fender case and small amp. I didn’t like the sound either and sold it for what I gave for it. Now I wish I had it back, just because it is a collectors guitar.
    I want the twang sound, but just play for fun with my friends so am looking for a Squire or a copy I can modifiy as I am guitar poor at this time and don’t have any talant anyhow. I have the amp I want, A 1960 Airline tube 2 channel with 2 12 inch Jensons. I just need a Tele.

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