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Dealers taking orders for Limited Edition Teles

So, the buzz about the 12 limited edition Telecasters released by Fender during their 60th Anniversary “Telebration” is reaching a fever pitch as folks realize that 500 each (300 for some, 1000 for others) won’t go far world wide. And we’re getting reports of dealers all over the US taking “pre-orders” for these.

We’ll update this post as we learn of more doing this, but at this time we have the name of one dealer and we’ll start with that one:

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12 Responses to “Dealers taking orders for Limited Edition Teles”
  1. Humbuster Humbuster says:

    I ordered mine from Wildwood.

  2. whitecat whitecat says:

    In the UK, Peach Guitars in Essex is getting all of them, Andertons in Guildford is getting about half of them and MB Music (online only I think) is getting a few of them. is also listing most of them as well. Suspect in all cases it’s one of each per dealer so act fast. Those dealers are the only ones that have ‘announced’ them so far near as my research can tell…

  3. whitecat whitecat says:

    And one more tidbit of information my research has turned up… have discovered that the European allocation is 200 units for each of the models except for the Indiana Barn Tele which is 125 units.

  4. Stencil Stencil says:

    The best prices I’ve seen so far have been at Peach Guitars in the UK: £1373 (or €1650) for a 2TSB Cabronita.

    Thomann had an allocation of seven 2TSB Cabronitas — they now have six, since I ordered the first one. :-)
    Nearer the release date I’ll badger them about price matching, as they’re usually pretty good about that with long time customers.

    I also ran into a ‘gentleman’ at a guitar shop in southern France who claimed that he could get me one within a week from Fender France, for € 1499, so long as I wired him the funds. ^^-) I advised Fender of their dealer’s misrepresentation, but they have yet to respond.

  5. jammers5 jammers5 says:

    I’m interested in the Hot rod vintage and have my name on one at my local dealer. Info is scarce and nothing posted on the Fender website. Anyone know where I can get the complete specs?


  6. jammers5 jammers5 says:

    OK after doing some further research I settled in the Browns Canyon Telecaster. I couldn’t get used to the humbucker in the neck position on the Hot Rod Vintage. I guess I’ll have it in a month or so!

  7. rsgamby says:

    Anyone knows where I can buy a brown canyon tele

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