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2011 NAMM: Ltd Ed Brown Canyon “Trestle Tele” (video)

We’ve detailed the new Limited Edition “Browns Canyon” Trestle Tele elsewhere here. But, “What’s it sound like?,” you may be asking yourself. That’s where the TDPRI comes in. We shot some video of Fender Employee, Justin Norvell giving the Trestle Tele a bit of a work out.


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12 Responses to “2011 NAMM: Ltd Ed Brown Canyon “Trestle Tele” (video)”
  1. Powers says:

    I really dig that sound. What kind of amp is that? It looks like a brown deluxe reverb?

  2. Albert says:

    What kind of case comes with it?

  3. Humbuster Humbuster says:

    My understanding is they are already sold out.

    • whitecat whitecat says:

      To dealers, yes, but depending on where you are in the world you can still order one that a dealer is bringing in… in the UK anyway it looks like there are 3 or 4 available for preorder still, for example, and a couple dealers have announced their intention to get it but not given any preorder details yet (Digital Village is one) so there may yet be a few more still.

  4. Kyluckyman Kyluckyman says:

    I will keep an eye out for old wood that I can use for a partscaster. This was pretty darn nice!

  5. jammers5 jammers5 says:

    I have one ordered! Can’t wait!!!

  6. jammers5 jammers5 says:

    I cancelled the order as my dealer wanted to charge me $200 over the street price I have seen everywhere else


  7. preaney says:

    Just put down a deposit on the Trestle Tele hear in Bristol UK
    Priced at £1875 at ABSOLUTE-GUITARS.CO.UK

  8. bmckeen says:

    Too bad it never came out as advertised. They couldn’t get enough wood from the trestle so they had to change the name to ‘Old Growth Redwood’ and use wood from another source

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