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2011 NAMM: Fender Mustang IV Amp Demo (video)

Fender has expanded the Mustang line of bargain amps for 2011. Adding the Mustang III, IV and V. The Mustang III is a larger version of the Mustang I with a 12″ Celestion speaker and 100 watts of power. The Mustang IV has 150 watts and TWO Celestion 12″ speakers (stereo 2 X 75 watts). The Head/Cab version of the IV, with a 4 Celestion speaker cab, is the Mustang V. Prices for these amps are quite affordable and they have TONs of versitility, too. With digital amp models, effects, headphone amps, aux inputs and even USB connectivity to your computer.

Here’s what Fender says about them:

Guitar amp with all-new DSP platform, all new high-quality amp models and effects; 100 onboard factory and user presets; headphone output and auxiliary input; chromatic tuner; “Millennium Blackface” treatment includes carbon tweed covering and new top-loaded front control panel; USB connectivity for high-quality, low-latency audio output and interface with free Fender® FUSE™ PC application; Fender FUSE application offers on-screen parameter control, deep editing, unlimited preset storage, online patch swapping and easy firmware upgrades; Fender FUSE community includes chat forums, preset trading, and additional content from Fender and artists; includes disc with Ableton® Live Lite Fender edition, AmpliTube® Fender LE edition and other extras, making Mustang a one-stop solution for guitarists new to digital recording.

Here’s a video from 2011 NAMM with a live demo of the Mustang IV:

Pricing goes as follows:

Mustang I — $149.99
Mustang III — $399.99
Mustang IV — $699.99
Mustang V — $419.99 Head / $399.99 Cab

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17 Responses to “2011 NAMM: Fender Mustang IV Amp Demo (video)”
  1. monchavo says:

    Not sure how much is the player and how much is the amp – but the tone he is getting is very pleasing.

  2. Ive played some of these amps, and I think they are great little effects amps.

  3. tele0053 says:

    Do you guys sell the “Tdpri” spaghetti logo decal for a homebuilt-a-caster.
    I’d love get one if they’re available.

    Not the F word, but Tdpri….



  4. mikegotch says:

    Nothing against the amp.I got a very similar tone with my old 35 watt silvertonehead with a 12″ JBL.. .of course that was a long time ago.

  5. tooncaster tooncaster says:

    They do sound sweet. Is the backing track programmed into the amp, or is that separate?

  6. Emicaster says:

    Anybody who see’s what guitar he’s using?

  7. gtrplr gtrplr says:

    I’ve been playing a gig with a Mustang I for about 3 months now. Full band w/drums, bass, keys & me on gtr. It’s in a restaurant, and we don’t play all that loud, but I’ve had no problem. This amp has put all my stompboxes in the closet, Including a couple of high dollar boutique ones, and a couple I’ve built and/or modded. For giggin out, I’d recommend more power. I’ve been seriously considering a Mustang III, and will probably end up buying one. I’d recommend these to anyone.

  8. musicmatty says:

    Fabulous amp..I bought the IV and it will do it many many editing options for each sound.

  9. tamedragon66 says:

    Bought a Mustang I for home studio recording. Absolutely love the tones that can be dialed in with the Fuse software. It’s nice not having a floor cluttered with stomp-boxes. The included Ableton Live and IKM Amplitube software are definite pluses. Live’s learning curve is a bit steep though and I’ve found Audacity 1.3.12 beta much easier to use (latency is about 243 milliseconds on my PC). One downside is the USB recording output signal is comparatively weak, and the last firmware update didn’t seem to address that issue.

  10. twangsoul twangsoul says:

    How does the mustang 1 or 2 compare to my 40 watt Hotrod ? Should i go for it ?

    • phazon says:

      I just played through a Mustang IV at guitar center yesterday. I think they just put them out because I don’t remember seeing them before. It really sounds VERY close to a tube amp….VERY,VERY close. For price vs. power and the sweetness of tone, it is going to be very tempting for many people to buy these, especially those who are not tube snobs. I for one do love tube sound and would really like to own a deluxe, bassman, twin, etc etc….but I don’t have $1000 to blow on each of 3 or 4 amps for every setting, so wow…the Mustang line is going to be a head turner for me…

  11. painter33 says:

    Seems more like an example of someone’s play instead of an amp demo – should include description of various settings and effects, doncha think?

  12. tele-bastard tele-bastard says:

    I purchased the Mustang IV a few months ago. Since then I have already sold my Marshall and Carvin stacks. The 150 watts 72×2 is all the power you need. You can achieve any sound you want with any amp. I have just made some Hendrix presets that will be on the site soon. I have all my favorite artist tones programed in. Everything from Jazz to Metal. The vintage amps sound sweet. Almost every preset should be tweeked to your own personal preference. This amp does it all. Not a one trick pony like my other amps. I will never buy another amp again. Works awesome live too.

  13. RockerDuck says:

    I’ve seen a couple of used Mustang 1 ‘s now. They go for around $60 used. I might pick one up for that. That said, tube amps do hold their value, even the oldest made. Wonder how these will fare in the used market.

  14. EarlKnappJr EarlKnappJr says:

    I have two Mustang3’s I run in stereo and they are butt kickers for sure ! None of my friends can hardly believe the sound and power they put out and it will take a better ear than mine to tell them from a tube amp. I am hooked ! I play a lot of clubs and so far everywhere I have played them they have performed well ! I just wish they would come out with a model that had a 15 in it with about 150 0r 200 watts ! That would be the perfect rig ! By the way the price range above is a bit higher than they actually sell for ! I got mine for 299. each at Guitar Center. The Mustang 4’s were 499.

  15. I jus ut picked up a mustang 4, it’s simplified my life alot as far as setup and tear down. Love that amp. definitely something to look into, pay 500$ for effects and an amp, and it definitely goes great with a tele. Really any guitar would sound great with these amps

  16. gitch gitch says:

    I bought a Mustang III in July,great amp and some of the sounds they incorporate are just the ticket.
    You can create and store your own sounds.
    Good value for money I reckon.

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