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2011 NAMM: Visit the Fender Custom Shop Booth (video)

Every year at the Winter NAMM Show, Fender’s Custom Shop displays guitars that it’s builders have been building all year long. These are “spec” guitars that the builders make for no one in particular. Then they hang them on the wall at NAMM and Fender CS Dealers come by and put their business card on the ones they commit to buy after the show. So, in this video visit of the CS Booth at NAMM you’ll see certificates on each one, and a small piece of paper denoting the guitar is sold and to whom.

Enjoy the eye candy:

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One Response to “2011 NAMM: Visit the Fender Custom Shop Booth (video)”
  1. OBGTIM says:

    Can you tell me how many of the 2011 NAMM limited edition custom shop ’67 vintage white teles were produced? I have a chance to buy one that was actually from the show last year and was wondering just how many of the custom shop limited edition teles… in particular the ’67 vintage white.


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