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2011 NAMM: Custom Shop Tele “Pro” Explained (video)

One would think that the Fender Custom Shop’s “Tele Pro” model would be a guitar for “Pros”. But Mike Eldred, head of the Custom Shop explains it means “prototype.” Who knew? And, they change them every year. This year, they are pine bodied Teles with two special versions of the Fender Twisted Tele pickup.

Watch Mike explain the features of the guitar:

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One Response to “2011 NAMM: Custom Shop Tele “Pro” Explained (video)”
  1. iberspace says:

    hi im very new at this but i hapened pick up a fender lead1 a few years ago and i still think this is one of the very best sounds ive ever herd the sound just vibes off that birch white neck only one pick up ibeleve they were made in 1080 for the lead 1 bit let me know if im wrong ,but any i have about 40 different ones left and all my kids and grand kides all have instument given to them fender youve got it thanks iberspace

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