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2011 NAMM: Browns Canyon Tele

For the 60th Anniversary of the Telecaster Fender is producing a dozen special limited run “FSR” Telecasters with an interesting story or feature for each. A prime example is the Browns Canyon Telecaster. These 500 Teles are made from centuries old wood from an old train trestle that spanned Browns Canyon for decades.

Finished naturally, the Browns Canyon Tele is a beautiful example of redwood — who knows how old it is. The Browns Canyon train trestle was built in the mid-19th Century from redwood trees logged nearby that could be as old as 500 or more years old.

Fender says, “This is a Tele with the redwood body made out of wood from an 1890s Northern California trestle railway bridge. Comes with photos and history of the bridge. Oil rubbed finish, ’52 Hot Rod neck, vintage tuners, 9.5-inch radius with medium jumbo frets, ’62 vintage pickups, custom neckplate.”

This is a very beautiful guitar that’s sure to be a prized Tele for decades to come. Plus, it plays great and sounds resonate and warm.

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4 Responses to “2011 NAMM: Browns Canyon Tele”
  1. FredJr says:

    I love the idea of a Tele made from an old railroad trestle. Not only does it recycle some fine wood but it also gives the guitar a unique look and history. What a cool story to go along with a new/old Tele!

  2. flatfive says:

    That body is gorgeous but doesn’t go well with the yellow tint of the neck, IMO.

  3. jammers5 jammers5 says:

    I am stoked to be getting one of these! Can’t wait!!!!!!

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