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2011 NAMM: Fender Mustang IV Amp Demo (video)

Fender has expanded the Mustang line of bargain amps for 2011. Adding the Mustang III, IV and V. The Mustang III is a larger version of the Mustang I with a 12″ Celestion speaker and 100 watts of power. The Mustang IV has 150 watts and TWO Celestion 12″ speakers (stereo 2 X 75 watts). The Head/Cab version of the IV, with a 4 Celestion speaker cab, is the Mustang V. Prices for these amps are quite affordable and they have TONs of versitility, too. With digital amp models, effects, headphone amps, aux inputs and even USB connectivity to your computer.

Here’s what Fender says about them:

Guitar amp with all-new DSP platform, all new high-quality amp models and effects; 100 onboard factory and user presets; headphone output and auxiliary input; chromatic tuner; “Millennium Blackface” treatment includes carbon tweed covering and new top-loaded front control panel; USB connectivity for high-quality, low-latency audio output and interface with free Fender® FUSE™ PC application; Fender FUSE application offers on-screen parameter control, deep editing, unlimited preset storage, online patch swapping and easy firmware upgrades; Fender FUSE community includes chat forums, preset trading, and additional content from Fender and artists; includes disc with Ableton® Live Lite Fender edition, AmpliTube® Fender LE edition and other extras, making Mustang a one-stop solution for guitarists new to digital recording.

Here’s a video from 2011 NAMM with a live demo of the Mustang IV:

Pricing goes as follows:

Mustang I — $149.99
Mustang III — $399.99
Mustang IV — $699.99
Mustang V — $419.99 Head / $399.99 Cab

Dealers taking orders for Limited Edition Teles

So, the buzz about the 12 limited edition Telecasters released by Fender during their 60th Anniversary “Telebration” is reaching a fever pitch as folks realize that 500 each (300 for some, 1000 for others) won’t go far world wide. And we’re getting reports of dealers all over the US taking “pre-orders” for these.

We’ll update this post as we learn of more doing this, but at this time we have the name of one dealer and we’ll start with that one:

Music Zoo

2011 NAMM: Ltd Ed Brown Canyon “Trestle Tele” (video)

We’ve detailed the new Limited Edition “Browns Canyon” Trestle Tele elsewhere here. But, “What’s it sound like?,” you may be asking yourself. That’s where the TDPRI comes in. We shot some video of Fender Employee, Justin Norvell giving the Trestle Tele a bit of a work out.


Yellow Jacket Tube Converters put EL84s in your Twin

Always wondered what your Deluxe Reverb, Twin or Princeton Reverb would sound like with EL-84 Tubes? Well, you’re not alone. But you don’t want to mess with your vintage (or otherwise) amp’s components. Enter Yellow Jacket’s “Tube Converters”. These things do just what you’d expect. They convert your existing tube sockets on your amp to use different power tubes than what nature and your manufacturer intended.

Yellow Jackets® tube converters allow EL84 power tubes to be used in place of the most common guitar amp power tubes including 6L6, EL34, 6V6, 7027, 6550 and 7591. Most Yellow Jackets®provide a substantial output power reduction and a “self-bias” Class A configuration for the EL84 so that no bias adjustment is required. Yellow Jackets®are like getting a whole new amp.

Why would I want to convert to EL84’s using Yellow Jackets?

Every power tube type offers a different characteristic sound and feel. EL84’s have a very tight and focused sound which has become world renown by their use in the British VOX™ AC30 guitar amplifiers. Additionally, most Yellow Jackets® converters will produce a substantial maximum power reduction (50% to 90%) making it easier to find that sweet, warm mix of preamp and power amp distortion at a lower volume.

Yellow Jackets also convert the power tube bias to “self-bias” Class A so that no bias adjustment is necessary. You can switch back and forth between EL84’s and your amplifier’s original power tubes without rebiasing.

To find Tube Converter for your application check out the details here — or email

Find Yellow Jacket Tube Converters at Amplified Parts online.

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