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Jason Grant WINS Road Worn Tele

In a random drawing earlier today Jason Grant, TDPRI Username: “flanders7423” was selected as the winner of the Music Zoo Road Worn 50’s Tele from Fender. Jason is a resident of the Boise, Idaho area and is pretty happy about winning. When we emailed him with the news he wanted a phone call to insure that it wasn’t some kind of scam… but then he said, “I saw it on the TDPRI and even on Facebook, too. So I knew it was real.”

The good folks at The Music Zoo, were kind enough to provide the guitar for us to giveaway and they’ll be working with Jason to get the guitar shipped out to him.

This contest was held in part to celebrate the 11th Anniversary of the founding of the TDPRI. If you haven’t heard the story, read all about it in our Resource Section — click Resources above, and then TDPRI History.

Photo credit: Jason’s Facebook profile.

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10 Responses to “Jason Grant WINS Road Worn Tele”
  1. Dionysos Dionysos says:

    Congratulations both Jason and TDPRI!

  2. binkydognose binkydognose says:

    Too cool, great job TDPRI and Music Zoo.

  3. Danny72 Danny72 says:

    Damn! I was sure I was going to win. I was planning on playing it at my gig this Saturday! I’ll have to play my Hondo instead!

  4. Congrats, Jason! Now, what gauge strings are you going to put on there? 😉

  5. redmonster13 says:

    FIXED FIXED, just kidding. Congrats on the tele man.

  6. polymolly polymolly says:

    That’s not fair,

    As one can see from his facebook profile picture, “mountain hiking” comes first on his list of interests than “telecasters”…

    (Congrats man!)

  7. ADinNYC ADinNYC says:

    Damn, I was supposed to win!

    Congrats Jason! Post some video of you playing your new tele.

  8. flanders7423 flanders7423 says:

    I just want to say thankyouthankyouthankyou to both TDPRI and Music Zoo and to everyone for the congrats. I’m always so inspired by how classy and tight nit and friendly the tele players on this site are.
    I honestly never thought I would own a REAL Tele (I’m in the process of finishing a Grizzly kit) so I am THRILLED!

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