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Jim Campilongo Milestones, Guitars and Oranges

Recently, TDPer, Telemaster and all around great guy Jim Campilongo celebrated 5 years of playing at NYC’s “Living Room” to a standing room only crowd. Jim moved to NYC 8 years ago and has played a regular gig at The Living Room for 5 of the eight.

He was celebrating more than just his Living Room Anniversary, but the release of his new CD “Orange” and the impending release of his very own Fender Signature Telecaster.

Read all about it in this story from Time Out New York

Here’s a link to Jim’s new CD “Orange

Some info from Winter NAMM:

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14 Responses to “Jim Campilongo Milestones, Guitars and Oranges”
  1. Wow! Thank you so very much. It’s an honor to be singled out.

    • TDPRI TDPRI says:

      Hey Jim,

      Great to see you here. Congrats on the anniversary, guitar and new CD.

    • Diet says:

      Hi from germany,

      I saw your concert last year in Kopenhagen!
      The first time I heard about you was the princeton review on youtube.
      Now I have all ! your cds and of course the new orange too.
      Great music! I love it and I like your play. Its very cool.
      I hope you´ll play in germany someday and I wait for your next cd!

      (sorry, my english is not the best)

  2. daveIT says:

    WOW…I just posted the other day that I was digging the guitar player from Norah Jones’ Little Willies band and someone told me his name. I looked him up on iTunes yesterday and now here he is today. I’ll be purchasing some CDs next pay day!

  3. stratomite stratomite says:

    Wishing you continued success, Mr. Campilongo. You have inspired a lot of us Telewankers to think outside the box.

  4. Congrats, Jim. We wear the badge of “guitar geeks” with pride and honor.

  5. gtrjoe says:

    Jim, I’m looking foreword to picking this up. I wish you continued success with all your endeavors.
    Thanks for the inspiration & wonderful music.

  6. jalex says:

    My brother, who lives in Manhattan gave me one of Jim’s CD’s a couple of years ago. Since then, Jim’s the reason I bought a Tele, (and I also schedule my NYC visits around when he is playing).

    I saw Jim at Barbes last year and really enjoyed it. I like Jim because he’s very different from other players and the variety of sounds he coaxes out of the Tele is impressive.

  7. tkingen says:

    Hi Jim,

    Lately I’ve only had 4 cd’s in my rotation list – Howard Roberts is a Dirty Guitar Player; Jeff Beck Live at Ronnie Scott’s; 555 from the Mercury Living Presence Series featureing Antal Dorati conducting the London Symphony Orchestra through selected works of Arnold Schoenberg, Anton Webern and Alban Berg; and last but not least… Orange. It’s a beautiful record you’ve put together and my favorite from your catalog. Congratulations and best wishes for your continued success.

    -Terry Kingen

  8. wenis says:

    Yeah, I knew of Jim’s instructional stuff here and there for years. I event bought some off of his website. I remember watching the Little Willies on Conan four or five years ago and I was just blown away by how cool their guitar player was. Turns out it was Jim Campilongo. It’s great to see a great player and a great guy get recognition, Jim deserves it. Here is to his continue success.

  9. tuxtux tuxtux says:

    A few days ago I; ve got my copy from the cd ORANGE,from amazone, so two days ago it was delivered

    It sounds great. When do You cm

    clavan (from the Netherlands, Europe)

  10. tuxtux tuxtux says:

    sorry, I make I type mismatch,
    I mean…
    When do you come to the Netherlands, is there a Europe tour next year or so ?


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