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Jim Campilongo Milestones, Guitars and Oranges

Recently, TDPer, Telemaster and all around great guy Jim Campilongo celebrated 5 years of playing at NYC’s “Living Room” to a standing room only crowd. Jim moved to NYC 8 years ago and has played a regular gig at The Living Room for 5 of the eight.

He was celebrating more than just his Living Room Anniversary, but the release of his new CD “Orange” and the impending release of his very own Fender Signature Telecaster.

Read all about it in this story from Time Out New York

Here’s a link to Jim’s new CD “Orange

Some info from Winter NAMM:

Twangology III

Hi all countryguitar players! I´m back again with a new lesson full of Smokin´Hot Country Guitar Licks, this month in the key of E. Just like when playing in G, all the open strings in standard tuning are available.

This solo is a lot inspired by Brent Mason and Johnny Hiland. (actually you´ll notice that I have borrowed some notes from the Brent Mason tune “Hot Wired”, but with a different fingering..) The key of E is great when it comes to playing long chromatic runs, like the ones in bar 3 and 4. When playing these kind of runs you´ll have to find a picking technique that works for you. I normally use the same picking pattern with my flatpick as many thumbpick-users do; middle, pick, ringfinger,pick, middle, pick, ringfinger, pick….

Click Here to download the TAB (pdf file).

Click Here to download the audio-file.

Good luck, and see you next month! Please visit my Youtube-channel for more TWANG…

Best wishes from Marcus, Sweden.

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