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Giveaway Guitar Waiting for a New Home

inCaseWith the start of the 2009 Fundraiser / Giveaway there are four new guitars in my home just waiting to be sent to their new home. Well, three of the four are here and one is on the way.

If you haven’t heard, we’re in the midst of our Annual Fundraiser / Giveaway. We beg for money from you to help run the website for the next year and just for fun, we give away $12,000+ in free gear to reward you for supporting the website. To read more or to make a donation (and enter the drawing) just click on this LINK

Cool Twang Personified

Cool Twang Personified

Lets start with the Grand Prize Fender Custom Shop La Cabronita Especial. This guitar just exudes cool. The Dakota Red color is perfect for this guitar. Surprisingly, it’s not a standard color for this guitar. If you buy a “stock” Cabronita Especial you have a choice of black or gunmetal gray. But Red seems just right to me.

caseThe guitar comes in a very nice black tolex case with an embroidered Custom Shop logo inside on the back “fur” lining.

relicThere is heavy relicing going on here. If you win this one (sorry… when you win, many of you just corrected me) don’t worry about knocking a bit of a finish off the body on this one. The neck is perfect — thick, but not too, and feels completely worn in. Cool pearl button turners and a giant Fender logo unlike any other.headstock

TVjonesPupThis guitar has only one pickup, and it’s a wicked TV Jones Classic pickup and has a meaty kind of Tele Twang that is different from a Tele pickup but nonetheless twangs with like a Tele should. TDP Moderator Tim Armstrong was here today and when he played the Especial he said, “crank the delay this guitar is made to rock-a-billy.”

It’s light and custom in every way. Including the special La Cabronita Especial decal on the back of the guitar.LCE-logo

Let’s face it, this is an expensive one of a kind Custom Shop kind of guitar — one that you’ll want to take home to your house on November 18th. How expensive? Well the CS Price List shows an MSRP of $4,800 for the STOCK colors. I don’t want to ask how much a special color adds to the pricing.

Here’s a video from the Fender Custom Shop showing off both this model and the Two Pickup version. So, you can get an idea of the sound you’ll get from this beauty when it’s in your home.

Will this especial guitar make it’s new home at your home? Only time will tell. Somebody has to win it. It might as well be you. Don’t you agree?

To read more or to make a donation (and enter the drawing) just click on this LINK



Specs (adapted from two pickup model):

Series: Limited Collection
Model Name: La Cabronita Especial
Model Number: 923-6666-(Color #) (two-p’up model)
Colors: (606) Black, (644) Shoreline Gold, (Nitrocellulose Lacquer Finish)
Body: Select Lightweight Alder
Neck: 1-Piece Maple, Large “C” Shape, (Nitrocellulose Lacquer Finish)
Fingerboard: Maple, 9.5” Radius (241 mm)
No. of Frets: 21 Dunlop® 6105 Narrow Jumbo Frets
Pickup: 1 TV Jones® Classic Pickup (Bridge)
Controls: Master Volume, and Tone control
Bridge: Deluxe Chromed Brass Bridge Plate with Solid Stainless Steel Saddles
Machine Heads: Sperzel® Die-Cast Tuning Machines with White Pearloid Buttons
Hardware: Nickel/Chrome
Pickguard: 1-Ply Parchment
Scale Length: 25.5” (648 mm)
Width at Nut: 1.6875” (43 mm)
Unique Features: La Cabronita Especial Decal on Back Rear of Body, Knurled Chrome Tele Knob, Bone Nut, Relic® Finish Shows Natural Wear and Tear of Years of Heavy use, Nicks, Scratches, Worn Finish, Rusty Hardware and Aged Plastic Parts.
Strings: Fender Standard Tension™ ST250R, Nickel Plated Steel, Gauges: (.010, .013, .017, .026, .036, .046)
Accessories: Deluxe Black Hardshell Case (Black Crushed Velvet Interior), Strap, Cable, Polishing Cloth, Certificate of Authenticity
Case: Deluxe Black Hardshell Case

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15 Responses to “Giveaway Guitar Waiting for a New Home”
  1. FraKo FraKo says:

    Just MAD about this babe!

  2. polymolly polymolly says:

    i’m sorry, but where do you live exactly?


  3. 1960 tele says:

    im thinking i need to build a new tele for myself.

  4. I’m sure it’s a great guitar. Half the pickguard is missing though, and they’ve accidently put a Gretsch pickup on it. This may come across as stuffy puritanism but if I could ever afford a Tele in that price range I’d prefer visually standard appointments.

  5. Radspin Radspin says:

    That is one of the coolest guitars I’ve ever seen.

  6. Wish I could embed this here

    I’ve heard two other Video Versions of this Na Cabronita Especial yhat I really liked

    One the 57 Champ reissue ideo

    Shane Nicholas goes into the 57 Champ with a Custom Shop La Cabronita 1
    Tuned to open G.
    The 57 Champ’s single control is set to “8.”

    And This one from Armin Solognier smokes

    The guitar was played through a Fender DSP 120 using Radial Tone Bone Classic, Z. Vex Super Hard-On and a Crybaby Dimebag Signature Wah.

    Damn I hope I win or I will have to make one

  7. bstolte says:

    We love the idea of a giveaway to help out TDPRI – we loved it so much we posted about it on Fretbase

    Hopefully this helps.

  8. Georgeatt says:

    When do the actual wiiners Find out? Now or on Wedensday?

  9. CaliTele CaliTele says:

    Where’s the link to this giveaway? I paid for two tickets but now the link is gone?? How do I find out about the results?

  10. I can’t believe i won…!!! Amazing!!! Just amazing.!!!

  11. I think La Cabronita…one pickup…should become the annual raffle prize…..

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