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    Korg’s latest pedal – the Nuvibe

    hendrixAugust 18, 1969. Jimi Hendrix wakes up a sleepy crowd at Woodstock, playing an unforgettable rendition of the Star Spangled Banner. The phrasing was all his, but the phasing came from an Uni-Vibe vibrato/chorus pedal. Invented that same year by Japanese engineer Fumio Mieda, the...

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    Fender CEO Larry Thomas to Retire

    ce42ccea-c8d0-47d0-95bb-7803bd132d23After three plus years as CEO, Larry Thomas has announced his retirement from Fender effective May 31st, 2014. Interim COO Scott Gilbertson will assume the role of interim CEO while the company finds a successor. During his tenure, Thomas managed projects like the Fender Select series,...

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    Moniker Guitars: Custom Designed by You

    RedFlowerAha moments can strike anytime. Kevin Tully’s moment came when a friend brought over a new bicycle. “It had crazy colors, Tully says. "It was her in bike form." The bike was made by Republic, which offers affordable bicycles that are customizable via its website....

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    From Trumpet to Tele: Jason Loughlin

    51EZfDVQn0LFor a simple guitar, the Telecaster is surprisingly versatile. Rock, Ska, Punk, Jazz—you name it, a Tele can play it. But they are tailor-made for country, a fact that guitarist Jason Loughlin discovered later in life. “I didn’t have a Tele until I was 26 or...

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    Fender: Now Selling Direct to You

    Fender American Design Experience Sunset Burst Metallic Tele Final AssemblyUntil recently, if you wanted a Fender Telecaster made to your specs, you had a couple of options: pony up the big bucks for a Custom Shop (base price $4400); buy off the shelf and upgrade it yourself with different pickups, paint, etc.; or make your...

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    Wireless recording with Acoustic Stream

    9636dcaffd8e924d3a855d8f5d124792Bob Bean is a busy man, which means he doesn’t get in as much guitar time as he’d like. A few years ago, he discovered that too much work and not enough play can have disastrous consequences. “I had a really nice $3000 Taylor...

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    Building for Passion: Logan Custom Guitars

    Bob Logan closeup # 5Bob Logan formed the band Rainbow. Perhaps you've heard of them? Probably not, unless you spent time in Florida in the early ‘70s. Bob’s Rainbow was before Ritchie Blackmore’s Rainbow. Of course, Ritchie played a Strat, but Bob’s guitar of choice was a 1972 Telecaster....

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    Epiphone Century Amp – inspired by 1939

    Epiphone Century CloseupIf you found yourself on a bandstand in 1939, chances are you'd be playing your jazz box through an Epiphone Electar Century Amp. There's just something about that Art Deco cabinet that says "swing, baby!" Designed by Nat Daniels (who later founded Danelectro), the Century...

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